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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Spot Blower is Small, Light, & Fast

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Milwaukee has come out with a new M12 cordless spot blower, model 0852-20, and it’s primarily designed as a compact cleanup tool.

The new Milwaukee M12 Compact Spot Blower features a 2-speed electronic speed switch and variable speed trigger, for speed adjustments and optimized control. Its small size makes the new blower highly maneuverable and improves access in tight spaces.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower Nozzle Extensions

The blower has an axial-fan design and comes with three attachments – a short rubber nozzle, long extension tube, and wider floor-sweep-style nozzle.

It has a “cruise control” lock that locks in the desired speed to help avoid user fatigute.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower Cleaning Miter Saw

Product imagery shows just how compact the new blower is. You can use the round rubber nozzle or broad sweep nozzle directly on the tool, or at the end of the extension tube.

Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower Cleaning Floor

With the extension tube, the new M12 blower looks to be nicely sized for blowing away debris on the floor.

Milwaukee says that the blower can run for up to 15 minutes at high speed with an XC 6.0Ah battery. Lower speeds will extend runtime.

I find it curious that this is an M12 tool, as opposed to M12 Fuel, meaning it’s not advertised as having a brushless motor, but this is likely to provide for lower pricing.

Key Specifications

  • 110 MPH air speed
  • 175 CFM air volume
  • Weighs 3.3 lbs

Price: $79 for the bare tool (0852-20)
ETA: August 2021

Buy Now via Home Depot
Buy Now via Tool Nut – available for preorder


This looks great!!

I often use 18V/20V Max-sized cordless blowers for cleanup tasks – clearing sawdust off equipment, blowing dust out of the garage, cleaning the floor where a vacuum wouldn’t easily reach, and things like that. A full-size blower is NOT easy to move in tight spaces. How do you easily blow dirt and sawdust out of the back of am SUV, truck, or van with a long-nozzle tool?

There are small blowers on the market, but I’ve never really liked their performance compared to compact 18V/20V Max models.

The key points about this new Milwaukee blower is that it’s small, light, and reasonably fast. You get 2 speed settings, a variable speed trigger, lock-on mode, and 2 nozzles that can be used on the tool itself or at the end of an extension tube.

Product images make it look small.

Runtime is going to be a compromise, though – 15 minutes of max runtime at high power on a 6Ah battery. But, with this being described as a compact spot blower, that should still be plenty. For bigger cleanup tasks, you’ll probably want a larger tool anyway.

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