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Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Attachment Review

Remove Water Measuring Guesswork With The Collomix AQiX

If we’re honest, many of us use the guess and check method of adding water to concrete, mortar, and other mixes. But that’s not really the most efficient way to work and Collomix has a solution with their AQiX water dosing attachment.


  • Precise water measuring to 0.1 quarts/liter or 0.01 gallons
  • Measures in liters, quarts, or gallons
  • Cordless operation using two AA batteries
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Professional-grade design


Using the Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Attachment

The Collomix AQiX provides the solution to the issue of mixing guesswork with the ability to precisely measure out the correct amount of water for whatever you’re mixing. Gone are the days of manually measuring out each individual batch. Instead, we just set the AQiX to the exact amount of water we need and let it get to work.

Take something small… for example, mixing a bag of Quikrete. A 60-pound bag calls for 2.5 quarts or “enough to achieve a workable mix”. In our experience, it needs a little more water.

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