Thoughts on Milwaukee’s Packout 20″ Tool Bag?

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While we’re on the subject of tool bags, a reader asked for some input about Milwaukee’s 20″ Packout tool bag, model 48-22-8322.

At the time of this posting, this tool bag is on sale for $48 at Home Depot, down from its regular price of $60.

Leo wrote:

I was wondering if you had any hands-on experience with this particular bag, and what you thought of it. Also, is the deal at Home Depot decently priced? I was thinking it may be handy for PPE; my hard hat, knee pads, respirator, glasses, etc. It’s a little overkill for that, but would fit in nicely to the rest of the stack.

The price does seem decent – $12 off $60 is 20% savings. I haven’t been watching this model very closely, and so I can’t tell you if there were better promotions in the past.

Frankly, I’m not really a fan of this particular bag, although due to no fault of its own. It’s just that this bag never really aligned with my tool storage needs or wants.

I personally like Milwaukee Tool’s 15″ tool bag quite a bit better, due to its half-width format, but if you need extra capacity and length, the 20″ is a very spacious tool bag.

This tool bag is fully compatible with other Packout tool storage products and accessories.

Milwaukee Packout 20-inch Tool Bag Open Compartment

The bag doesn’t have many pockets, only 2 exterior pockets and 6 internal ones, but that also leaves room for bulky tools and gear.

Milwaukee Packout 20-inch Tool Bag with Tools

This product image is a good example of what it can hold – bulky power tools and a couple of hand tools.

Milwaukee Packout 20-inch Tool Bag Bottom

The bottom is hard plastic, with Packout-compatible locking cleats.

Personally, I bought a couple of Milwaukee Packout crates/tote boxes for my bulk storage needs, but I’m also not concerned about sawdust or one-handed portability.

Answer Leo’s specific questions, I think that this would actually be a very good PPE bag. It’s definitely large enough to hold a hard hat, knee pads (except maybe the largest stabilizer knee pads without having to pay attention to how everything fits together), and other safety gear. The couple of pockets could come in handy too.

The handles are very sturdy, as is the shoulder strap, and the bag is constructed from “1680D ballistic material and all-metal hardware so it can withstand harsh jobsite conditions,” and so it’ll definitely do the job. Is it overkill for PPE/safety gear? Definitely, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re already working with Packout storage products, this is a really good solution for the reader’s described needs.

I thought about recommending the Packout open tote tool bag along with covers for anything that needs to be protected from dust, but that seems like a clunky and much more expensive alternative.

There are other tool bag options, but you’re not going to save a lot of money, and any savings will be offset by a hit to the convenience factor for someone that is already using other Packout gear.

I took a look at a couple of 18″ tool bags, and some of them don’t look like they can comfortably fit a hard hat.

Milwaukee’s 20″ Packout tool bag outer dimensions measure 21.5″ wide x 12.3″ wide x 13.5″ tall. It’s trapezoidal shaped, but spacious.

I feel a little wishy-washy about this particular bag when it comes to my own needs and wants, and because of that I feel hesitant to wholeheartedly recommend it. However, it seems perfectly suited for what the reader would use it for.

Just to be sure, I tried finding an alternative, but came up short.

There are some other tool bags that are large enough to comfortably hold safety gear, but this Packout bag seems to be the best bet for under $50.

I think I’m sold on this being a good fit for Leo.

Sale Price: $48

Buy Now via Home Depot

What do you guys think about this tool bag? Ignoring Packout compatibility for a moment, do you know of any other closed tool bags that can hold a full array of safety gear? I can think of and find other options, but not very close to this price point.

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