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Don’t Fall for This Ryobi Tools Scam Store

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There’s a new scam store that’s advertising and seemingly impersonating Ryobi Tools, with a screenshot of their front page shown above.

Franklin wrote:

I found a Ryobi website it’s [redacted]. Is this website a scam. 9 piece combo kit. 8 tools for 98.00 it say it’s 81 % off which is right but it sounds to good to be true anyone know anything about this?

The first thing I did, after laughing at the “battrty” typo in the front page banner, was check the WHOIS information at

This is what it said:

Created: 2021-07-05 01:31:19 UTC

Meaning, the domain name for this store (e.g. did not exist 3 days ago. The domain and website popped up quickly out of nowhere. This is a huge “this is a scam store!” red flag.

There are other red flags, such as no contact information, phone number, social links, or other such typical webstore details, but the second-biggest red flag is that they’re clearly impersonating Ryobi Tools. Ryobi and TTI North America would never do or sanction anything like this.

Ryobi Tools Scam Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Listing

A countdown timer and “limited time offer” notice both work to increase the sense of urgency, which can lead sensible people to make hasty and emotional decisions.

Do NOT give this scam store any of your personal information.

I’m sorry, but you’re not getting a Ryobi 18V 9-tool cordless power tool combo kit for $98. It looks like the scam store ripped the description and imagery straight from Home Depot, where the real kit is selling for $529.

Don’t take your chances with fake stores and scam listings like this one.

If it looks too good to be true, follow your instincts. If you’re unsure, ask for an outside opinion.

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