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Talk Me Out of This Hazet Locking Screwdriver Bit Holder

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I was checking Amazon’s price on Hazet’s magnetic parts cup (KC Tool has better pricing), and came across Hazet’s locking screwdriver bit holder handle, model 810BH.

Amazon has it for $15.99, KC Tool has it for $13.05.

What’s the catch?

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, as the medium-sized Wera Rapidaptor locking screwdriver handle is only a couple dollars more, at ~$18 on Amazon. Still, $13 to $16 seems uncharacteristically inexpensive for this brand.

The Hazet bit screwdriver has a bayonet-style clasp, which basically means it has a quick-release-style latching mechanism, in contrast to the magnetic hex sockets most bit screwdriver handles feature.

It looks like the Hazet screwdriver handle can be used with standard 1/4″ insert bits, and it should work with power-style bits as well.

In my experience, locking bit holders tend to have very little if any wobble, and are more secure than magnetic bit holder sockets.

I don’t really need any more screwdriver handles, but this is definitely something I could add to my shopping list for future review. But I suppose that depends – what’s your stance on locking bit holders vs. magnetic?

Pretend that I’m in the market for a bit screwdriver. Can you talk me out of this one. Otherwise, this looks to be a fantastic buy – a good brand-name screwdriver bit driver at a reasonable price, and with a locking bit chuck.

As for the handle style, I already know it’s comfortable – I bought Hazet’s longer magnetic bit driver a few years ago (HAZET 810SPC-6.3). If I had to choose again, it would be this 810BH model, for the shorter size and locking chuck.

I find myself trying to find a flaw in the 810BH’s design. Why shouldn’t I buy it? Why wouldn’t you buy it? Or is this really something that EVERYONE should have in their tool box?

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