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Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set 09651777

Let’s Talk High-Level Torx with Worth’s Bit and Socket Set

When you work with a wide variety of fastener types, there’s nothing worse than not having the right bit on hand. For folks that deal with Torx on the next level, the Wurth Torx bit and socket set is exactly what you need to cover your bases.


  • Master Torx set with 77 total bits and sockets
  • Includes specialty and security bits
  • Individual replacement bits and sockets available


Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set

Most people have come across a Torx bit at some point and you may know them as star bits. Automotive technicians rely on this style of fastener for their superior torque capabilities. They engage much better with bits that slotted or Phillips designs.

Wurth Torx Bit

But that standard 6-point bit isn’t the only type of Torx fastener you come across. The majority of folks probably don’t take notice of the fasteners holding their Mercedes’ driver’s seat in place. However, professionals know they better have an E12 Outer Torx in their socket drawer when that seat needs to come out.

When I removed the inner tailgate panel on my Honda Ridgeline, I grabbed the T40 socket to get the job done.

The point is, I had the bits and sockets I needed for the job at hand. One look inside the case and it’s obvious Wurth was striving to make sure you have everything you need for Torx fasteners in this set.

Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set

All 77 Bits and Sockets

  • Torx: (1/4-inch drive) T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, (1/2-inch drive) T40, T45, T47, T50, T55, T60, T70
  • Torx with hole (Security Torx): (1/4-inch drive) TX8H, TX10H, TX15H, TX20H, TX25H, TX27H, TX30H, (1/2-inch drive) TX40H, TX45H, TX50H, TX55H, TX60H
  • Outer Torx: (1/4-inch drive) E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, (3/8-inch) E10, E12, E14, E16, (1/2-inch) E18, E20, E22, E24
  • Torx IP: (1/4-inch) 8IP, 10IP, 15IP, 20IP, 25IP, 27IP, 30IP, (1/2-inch) 40IP, 45IP, 50IP, 55IP, 60IP
  • Torx IPR (Security Torx IP): (1/4-inch) 8IPR, 10IPR, 15IPR, 20IPR, 25IPR, 27IPR, 30IPR, (1/2-inch) 40IPR, 45IPR, 50IPR, 55IPR, 60IPR
  • Torx Plus: (1/4-inch) 4EP, 5EP, 6EP, 7EP, 8EP, (3/8-inch) 10EP, 12EP, 14EP, 16EP, (1/2-inch)18EP, 20EP, 22EP, 24EP

Each bit or socket features a matte grey finish and comes neatly organized in a sleek and well-marked hardshell case that fits easily in one of your toolbox shallow drawers.

Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set

The smallest bits fit a 1/4-inch drive, move into a 3/8-inch drive through the middle, and the set wraps up with a 1/2-inch drive on the largest sizes.

Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set Price

With a 77-piece set, you should expect to receive good value for your money. Wurth prices this set at $189, which on the surface sounds like a lot. At nearly $2.50 per socket, they’re actually cheaper than buying individual pieces which range from $4-$8 per unit. Conveniently, if you only need a few sockets, Wurth sells them individually at

The Bottom Line

Not everyone needs this comprehensive of a set considering how specialized some of these bits and sockets are. However, professional automotive technicians are likely to need many of these frequently and others occasionally. The goal of any master set is to avoid being caught without the right tool for the job, and Wurth helps make sure that doesn’t happen with Torx fasteners.

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