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Amazon Basics Drill Bit Set??

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Over at Amazon, they have a set of “titanium-finish” drill bits. I haven’t seen these before, and so I took a closer look/

This Amazon Basics high speed steel drill bits are said to be suited for cutting through hard metal, like stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy.

The 21pc drill bit set comes with sizes 1/16″ through 3/8″.

Amazon says that the drill bits are:

Made of high-speed steel with a titanium finish and quenching treatment

They also say:

Precision grinding inclined blade helps ensure fast drilling, impressive cutting power, and excellent chip removal.

User reviews seem to be very mixed.

Price: $17.49

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Umm… I’d pass, based on the effortless product description alone. Maybe they’re good – time will tell – but quite a few of the user reviews add to my hesitation.

“Hard metal like stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.” I can’t imagine anyone successfully using these to drill through titanium. Thin stainless steel? Maybe. Aluminum? Possibly.

Amazon doesn’t show or describe the shanks, but they appear to be round without flats.

Dewalt 21pc Drill Bit Set

For a 21pc general purpose drill bit set, I’d much sooner get this Dewalt set. It’s priced a little higher but I’m sure it’s a lot better quality.

Price: $24.29

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Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set Black Oxide

This Dewalt 14pc black oxide HSS drill bit set is still promo priced at $9.98. It’s a very good buy, although you don’t get as much of a size assortment as with the 21pc sets.

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