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Dear Makita USA: About a Recent Comment…

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Dear Makita USA,

I emailed your communications manager about this yesterday, assuming it was something they’d want to talk about privately, but they never replied. Maybe this post will be a better way of reaching someone who cares?

In response to one of my recent Makita XGT posts, it seems that one of your (other) managers left a comment under a fake name, saying:

personally i have noticed a big difference in performance of the XGT products even though the specs are the same in LXT. MAKITA has always been conservative, never to brag, about their products. My local store sold out of XGT and they are waiting for more to come in. Seems sales in market are good

This comment was found to be associated with an IP address owned by Makita USA’s corporate headquarters.

Reminder: It’s never okay for any tool brand managers, affiliates, or employees to promote their products using fake names or without proper disclosures.

If you really want to talk about the new XGT cordless power tool lineup on ToolGuyd, there are more effective approaches, such as press/media communications.

We should also talk about some of the other public comments your manager(s) left under fake names, including those involving competing brands.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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