Keep an Eye on This Bosch PROFACTOR Impact Wrench Deal

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In a recent comment, a reader asked if there were any new promos on higher-powered cordless impact wrenches. There are quite a few Father’s Day 2021 specials on impact drivers and compact impact wrenches, but are there any savings to be had on heavier duty impacts?

Tony (thank you for the question!) wrote:

Are there any good deals on higher-powered 1/2″ impact wrenches?

Over at Lowe’s they have what looks to be a really good deal on this Bosch PROFACTOR 18V brushless 1/2″ impact wrench.

The new Bosch PROFACTOR impact wrench, model GDS18V-740N, delivers 740 ft-lbs of max fastening torque, and 1,180 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque.

I think that this definitely qualifies as a good deal on a high-powered impact wrench.

The Bosch PROFACTOR impact wrench features 3 torque and speed settings (0-800/1,200/1,750 rpm) for more controlled power output, an LED worklight, and rubber-encased head.

Bosch was unable to get a review sample out to us in time for this post, and so I cannot speak to its comparative performance, but their cordless impact tools are usually very highly regarded. My favorite impact driver for a long time was a Bosch 18V model.

At the time of this posting, the bare tool impact is priced at $249 via Bosch authorized dealers. Lowe’s, however, has what looks to be an exclusive offer: Buy the Bosch impact wrench, and you get a FREE starter kit.

Bosch 18V CORE18V Starter Kit

The free gift starter kit comes with Bosch’s newest Hel-ion fast charger, capable of charging their 18V batteries at a rate of up to 16-amps. The charger has a Power Boost mode, for quickly bringing depleted batteries up to 50% capacity, and 2-fan active air cooling to help keep batteries cooler for faster charging time.

You also get a Bosch PROFACTOR CORE18V 8.0Ah battery.

The CORE18V Performance Starter Kit (GXS18V-16N14) typically retails for $219 at Lowe’s and other retailers.

Lowe’s kicked off this promo for Father’s Day, and it’s set to last through 8/4/2021.

Bundle Price: $249 for the bare tool and free starter kit

Buy Now via Lowe’s
Starter Kit Details

At the time of this posting, the free gift starter kit is sold out in my region, but with the promo set to last another 6 weeks, I’ll be keeping an eye on things. I would expect for Lowe’s to receive more inventory soon.

Bosch has a good track record for impact tools, and early user reviews seem positive. The value seems extremely hard to beat – $249 seems like a great price for a brand new high-powered impact wrench plus a rapid charger and 8Ah next-generation Li-ion battery.

Also Consider: Kobalt XTR 24V Max 1/2″ Impact Wrench

Kobalt XTR Impact Wrench

If the PROFACTOR offer isn’t available in your area yet, or you’re looking for something a little different, also consider the Kobalt XTR 24V Max 1/2″ impact wrench kit.

Although there aren’t any savings here right now, the Kobalt XTR is an excellent high-performing BEAST of an impact wrench. This kit comes with a compact 4Ah battery.

I donated my Kobalt XTR combo kit last year, but couldn’t bring myself to part with the impact wrench, partly because I wanted more time with it, but also because of how impressed I was with its power. This impact wrench – and the Kobalt XTR lineup in general, is worth a closer look.

I’m not alone in my fondness for this impact – the user reviews look to be overwhelmingly positive as well.

Price: $269 for the kit

Buy Now via Lowe’s

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