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Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe

A Safe You Can Move Yourself

Gun safes are great for keeping your gun collection safe and secure, but they can be an absolute nightmare to move around. The Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe models change all of that. These unique safes come in six panels, making transportation a one or two-man job. Once you’ve got your spot picked out, these modular safes are easy to assemble in place.

Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe: The Big Deal

The Steelhead Modular Gun Safe looks most compelling as a gun safe that you can move all by yourself. You don’t need a 6-man team to help move it. You can also move it to a new house or location without destroying the drywall and/or door frames. Moving is a reality—and it’s a shame when a perfectly good safe has to be left behind.

Counterintuitively, Steelhead Outdoors ships this modular gun safe in 6 panels. You assemble the pieces with a hex wrench. If you ever need to move the safe, it’s easy to disassemble again.

The assembly bolts remain accessible only from the inside. That means the door must already be open to assemble or disassemble the safe. The visible carriage bolts on the outside of the Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe attach to braces that hold the interior panels in place until final assembly. They also serve to reinforce the shelving system.

Steelhead Outdoors claims the interior racking system of the Modular Gun Safe offers infinite possibilities of shelving and gun rack configurations. Their standard options include a single horseshoe gun holder, a double horseshoe gun holder, and multi-row maximum gun racking.

You can also upgrade with gear panels for your doors, rechargeable motion-activated lights, a collection of different colors, and upgraded electronic locks.

“If you’ve never had the pleasure of moving a gun safe, consider yourself blessed. It’s a pain in the neck, back, and several other areas. A modular system that’s not only capable of being assembled in place but is also secure and capable of being disassembled when you need to move it is a huge benefit.”

— Kenny Koehler, PTR Managing Editor

Additional Features

  • Double wall construction with 12 gauge welded exterior panels and 20 gauge interior panels, 7 gauge plate door (3/16”)
  • Panel construction features dual-stage fire protection with 2300 deg insulation and radiation-reflecting panels that contain no trapped moisture and eliminates corrosion concerns with traditional gun safe fire insulation
  • Textured powder coated finish that is non-flammable and non-marring
  • Available with group II S&G Titan direct drive electronic key pad or group II mechanical dial lock
  • Slip clutch in handle to protect entire lock mechanism from attacks
  • Cam-Over-Center direct drive lock mechanism with metal bearings at every moving point
  • Ball bearing, drill resistant hard plate features 78 captured, hardened ball bearings to destroy attacking drill bits
  • Large 1/2 inch locking plates engage 1/2 inch thick door jamb
  • Full length hinge side locking bar provides 100% contact to lock door solidly in place, even with hinges removed
  • Large door recess to prevent pry attacks

Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe Price

Steelhead Outdoors sells the Modular Gun Safe directly from their factory in Minnesota. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose a number of options and configurations. Starting with the smallest model with the base configurations, these safes start at $2,495 and move up from there.

You should note though, that because your gun safe is built-to-order, you can expect from 2-4 weeks from when you place your order to when your safe is shipped.

To learn more about Steelhead Outdoors, or to take a gander at their modular and custom-built safes, click here.

Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe Specifications

  • Nomad 26
    • 26 x 18 x 54 in assembled dimensions
    • 6, 12, and 15 gun capacity
  • Nomad 32
    • 32 x 21 x 60 in. assembled dimensions
    • 8, 16, or 19 gun capacity
  • Nomad 38
    • 38 x 24 x 60 in. assembled dimensions
    • 10, 20, and 34 gun capacity

Custom color options and configurations are also available.

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