Sola Big Red Digital Level with Bluetooth

Sola Big Red Digital Level Now with Solatronic Module

We recently had the chance to take a look at the Sola Go! Smart Digital Level with Bluetooth. We liked it for its convenience, price tag, and innovative features. The Sola Big Red Digital Level offers a lot of the features that we liked so much about the pocket-sized level. The level’s integrated electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth connectivity lets you use these levels to quickly and precisely measure inclines and angles or mark slopes for drainage.

Sola Big Red Digital Level: The Big Deal

The key feature of these levels is the integrated electronic inclination module. In Sola’s terminology, that’s the Solatronic module. This piece is responsible for keeping the measurement tolerance of 0.05º at 0º and 90º, and 0.10º between 1º and 89º.

Sola Big Red Digital LCD display

You can display the measuring results via the “Mode” function in a few different ways: degrees, inches and feet, percentages, or in metric. You can also use the “Hold” function to keep the value displayed. An “inclination” function lets you easily transfer angles.

Sola Big Red Digital Level
Right-side up, upside-down…you can still read the LCD display “automagically”…

The Sola Big Red Digital Level also works in any position, with its digital readout automatically rotating with the level. It has a permanently backlit display that’s easy to read, even in dim light. You can even turn on a sound alert for when you’re using the level at a less-than-ideal angle. This also makes measurements easy to take without necessarily being able to see the display.

Another one of the big selling points with the Big Red Digital Level is the Bluetooth functionality and integration with the Sola Measures app. The app lets you control the level’s functions, see and record real-time data, and even store and upload notes, photos, and videos. You can download it from both the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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