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Dewalt Cordless 1/4 Sheet Finish Sander KIT for $99!

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Over at Home Depot, they have a fantastic deal on this Dewalt cordless 1/4 sheet finish sander kit bundle. I first spotted this in stores, and thanks to Big Richard, we have the elusive link to a similar online deal.

Here’s the promo – buy the Dewalt 20V Max 2Ah battery and charger starter kit, get the cordless finish sander for free.

Basically, you’re getting a 1-battery cordless sander kit for $99.

This is a fantastic deal, especially since other sellers only have the sander on sale for $99 by itself as a bare tool.

The first time I saw this deal in-store, I balked on it. The second time, it was sold out. The third time, I had made up my mind to get it, but didn’t want to carry it around the store. However, I came across an impulse-buy and didn’t remember about the sander until I was already driving to my next destination.

As mentioned in another recent deal post about a similarly priced Dewalt cordless random orbit sander kit deal, I was planning to get the finish sander deal for a younger family member that’s getting deeper into woodworking and furniture refinishing.

I convinced myself a random orbit sander would be better to start out with, but… I went ahead and ordered this kit as well.

There are benefits to having a cordless random orbit sander and a 1/4 sheet finish sander. As with corded sanders, there’s a little bit overlap where either tool can be used, but plenty of times when you might want one style over the other.

I also told myself that this might be a good 3rd party review opportunity.

And, sending them both kits means they’ll have two batteries in case they need longer runtime. Sure, a 5Ah battery might have done the trick too, but the sanders are both a little lighter with a compact battery than a larger and heavier higher capacity battery.

Here’s my point – this is a fantastic deal. If you’re looking for a good cordless sander, this is a great option at an unbeatable value.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

With these deals, I find myself asking if I need a new cordless sander. I still prefer corded since I work with dust collection (indoors or close to a door) 95% of the time. These deals are making a very compelling case. While I’m not ready to cut the cord, I might be ready for personal-use cordless sanders (as opposed to test samples).

There’s a good chance these deals will hurt my wallet further. They’re essentially selling a kit for the price of a bare tool.

Part of my motivation behind these deal posts is in knowing that some of you can and probably will take advantage of a deal. This helps to relieve the “this is such a good deal, I can’t pass it up!” mindset. Maybe passing along a good deal triggers a similar feel-good mechanism as when we score a good deal for ourselves? Sorry, I digress.

As I’ve been moving to more outdoors projects, a good cordless sander would be an asset. And, with these being first-ever promos (to my knowledge), there’s no history to be able to better predict if or when similar deals might return in the future.

I’m in the position where I have cordless sanders at my disposal – test samples and the such – but none are *mine.* I’ll give this some thought and let you know what happens.

But I can say that if I didn’t have cordless sanders already at my disposal, there would be zero hesitation, I’d have already ordered both kits for my own use.

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If you have to choose…

Part of the reason I would buy both tools is because a lot of work can really benefit from having both at one’s disposal. I ordered both for my family member because I know the projects they’re getting into can benefit from it, and I also know that other family members in the region will have access the tools, and that they’ll be sure to see use.

I keep calling this a finish sander because most 1/4 sheet sanders are less aggressive with respect to material removal. Another benefit is the rectangular shape that can fit into corners with ease, something you can’t really do with a round pad.

If you can’t decide, I think that Acme Tools’ deal on the Dewalt random orbit sander is the better first purchase, and this 1/4 sheet sander a great complement to follow up with. I don’t think I’ve seen deals like this before – the last Dewalt 20V Max random orbit sander deal was a $174 special buy that also included a jig saw. If you don’t know which you want or need, buy one of each.

Buy Now: 1/4 Sheet Deal
Buy Now: ROS Deal

Note: Since with this deal you’re technically buying a bundle where you get a bare tool, battery, and charger, you’ll need to source your own tool bag or box to keep the sander in. It’s not a big deal, but it seemed worth mentioning.

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