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DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw Review DCS574

DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw Pushes 20V Max Cutting Up a Notch

Joining the other tools juicing with an 8Ah battery, the DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw put its boosted performance on display in our testing. We wanted to know if the boost in this model is enough, or if you’re better off turning to FlexVolt Advantage or even one of the FlexVolt circular saws for the best performance.


  • Power boost when using an 8.0Ah or higher battery
  • Excellent cutline tracking
  • Excellent handle ergonomics
  • Super-fast electric brake


  • Beveled cuts obstruct the sightline more than other models
  • A little guard hesitation on some bevel cuts

DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw Performance

During the test runs in our shop, the Power Detect circular saw delivered some interesting results. The brushless motor churns out 5500 RPMs and with a standard 5.0Ah battery, the performance feels very similar to the DCS570. It’s capable of cutting nearly any wood you come across, but you need to watch how hard you’re pushing to avoid stalling the blade.

When you pop an 8Ah battery on, things change. The Power Detect electronics sense it can ask for more power and kicks into a noticeably higher level.

To put that in perspective, we ran this saw with both batteries on the PTR Test Track.

  • Cross cutting: five cross cuts (2 x 10 PT)
  • Bevel cutting: five 45º bevel cross cuts (2 x 10 PT)
  • Miter cutting: five 45º miter cuts (2 x 10 PT)
  • Compound cutting: three 45º miter/45º bevel compound cuts from each side of the lumber (6 cuts total, 2 x 10 PT)
  • Power drive: one 4-foot rip cut (double-stacked 3/4-inch OSB subfloor)

Along the way, we had to switch in and out of a 45° bevel twice.

With the 5.0Ah battery, the saw needed 2 minutes, 14 seconds. That’s not a bad time, but it’s not great, either. Switching to the 8.0Ah battery took 36 seconds off the total, dropping to 1 minute, 38 seconds! That puts it right in line with the times we saw from DeWalt’s FlexVolt Advantage, FlexVolt, and Worm Drive Style models.

DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw

Working more closely in some tougher cuts, it does feel like there’s not quite as much torque at the top end as those other models. For the majority of your standard framing cuts, it cuts very well, though.


Tracking isn’t an issue with this saw. Both the 90° and 45° notches are dead on and the blade tracks as straight as your skill level is able to guide it.

DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw

Guard Action

The guard works well and didn’t hang up much. Where we did see it hang up is when you have to make a 45° bevel with the short end of the shoe on the remaining material. It’s just a hesitation, not a full stop, so you’re still able to overcome it.

Dust and Chip Removal

This circular saw cleared out dust and wood chips with ease. Even though DeWalt didn’t specifically mention a cutline blower, the forward-facing motor vents do a nice job of moving dust away. It seems like a silly thing to note, but if you’ve spent any quality time with a saw that doesn’t do this well, you really appreciate it when you don’t have to constantly clean your cutting surface just to see the line.

DeWalt Power Detect Circular Saw

DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw Design Notes

Size and Weight

The overall dimensions and weight of this saw fit right in with its competitors. This saw is 7.9 pounds without the battery. Weight will change a bit depending on the size battery you choose to run and is 10.4 pounds with the 8.0Ah pack.

While the overall form isn’t super-compact, it’s not as large and heavy as some of the top-performing cordless saws and is much less intimidating if you’re new to the trades or looking at this model as an upgrade for your DIY arsenal.

Handle Ergonomics

Personally, I tend to enjoy DeWalt grips. This Power Detect circular saw felt great in my hand with nice contours on the main handle and a front handle that filled my hand well. Additionally, the spacing between fore and rear grips is very comfortable.

Electric Brake

The electric brake is a wonderful safety feature, stopping the blade’s rotation super-fast when you release the trigger. It’s a feature that’s becoming more popular, but it’s still not the standard on every model.

Additional Features

  • Integrated LED light
  • Rafter hook

DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw Price

Like the other Power Detect tools, DeWalt offers this model as a kit only to make sure you get the performance of that 8Ah battery. The kit runs $279 and comes with a 3-year warranty, 1-year service agreement, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

DeWalt Brushless Circular Saw Quick Comparison

Power Detect
FlexVolt Advantage
Blade Speed 5500 RPM 5500 RPM 5800 RPM
90° Cut Depth 2 9/16 in 2 9/16 in 2 9/16 in
45° Cut Depth 2 in 2 in 2 in
Bare Weight 7.9 lbs 8.2 lbs 8.2 lbs
Bare Price NA $199 $199
Kit Price #1 $279 (1 x 8.0Ah) NA $299 (1 x 9.0Ah)
Kit Price #2 $449 (2 x 9.Ah)

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Circular Saw is a confident cutter with an 8Ah battery and certainly capable of finishing the job with other 20V Max batteries. If you’re committed to DeWalt’s extensive 20V Max platform or want to shave some weight, it’s an excellent choice. However, the Gen 2 FlexVolt kit is just $20 more, so go that direction if you’re looking for the best performance.

DeWalt 20V MAX Power Detect Circular Saw Specs

  • Model: DeWalt DCS574W1
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Blade Diameter: 7-1/4 Inches
  • Depth Of Cut At 45 Degrees: 2 Inches
  • Depth Of Cut At 90 Degrees: 2-9/16 Inches
  • Bevel Capacity: 0-57º
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs. (10.4 lbs with battery)
  • Price: $279

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