Hart 20V Cordless 12-inch Chainsaw Review

Hart 20V Chainsaw Tackles Trimming and Pruning Without the Weight

The Hart 20V 12-inch Chainsaw (HGCS021) joins the line of immensely helpful OPE tools geared toward the homeowner. In this case, the Hart team has designed the saw as the go-to solution for tackling lighter-duty trimming and pruning around the yard. We found that it’s light, it’s comfortable, and for smaller limbs, it’s definitely capable.

Hands On

Notably, Hart really seemed to focus on a lightweight and unintimidating chainsaw solution for their 20V line. It seems clear they designed this saw, not for heavy-duty use, but rather for the homeowner who has occasional trimming and pruning in mind. For that, the Hart 20V 12-inch chainsaw seems like a perfect fit.

The brushed motor on this saw has the muscle to drive the chain through branches up to 10″ in diameter. That’s great for light limbing and for trimming smaller trees and bushes around the yard. We actually had a fallen oak tree to deal with, and we found that this saw handled the lighter work efficiently and comfortably.

Battery-powered chainsaws have certainly come a long way. For a sub-$120 tool like this to tackle that kind of work, it declares a new era in value-driven cordless outdoor power tools. Less than a decade ago that kind of value-for-performance would have been unheard of.

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