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Gearwrench Hooks & Picks are on Sale – Upgrade Your Kit!

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Hooks and picks aren’t an everyday-type of tool for me. Instead, it’s a problem-solver, a frustration-easer, and an “uh-oh, I need to get something to fix that!” type of tool. I use them to pull, scrape, and manipulate all kinds of parts.

As mentioned, Gearwrench is currently a ToolGuyd sponsor, and I’ve been taking this opportunity to explore parts of their catalog that I couldn’t prioritize for investigation before.

I’ve been fairly happy with my picks and hooks. Sometimes they’re a bit too short, though, and so this is an area where recent Gearwrench promo pricing caught my attention.

The Gearwrench hook I purchased just came in, and… let me put this as plainly as I can: I want more.

In an earlier post about hook and pick options, I wrote:

I’m also likely to trust Gearwrench as a safe bet.

I’m glad to report that they are a safe bet, at least from what I’m seeing so far.

Gearwrench Long Reach Hook Pick

Here’s what it looks like in-hand, for scale.

I like the handle size, style, and comfort, the quality of the tip, and seemingly strong shaft. I tried to pull the hook out of the handle, but it’s securely installed and wouldn’t budge.

I’ve gotten things done with my shorter picks for quite a long time, but I feel that Gearwrench’s longer hooks will be an asset to my tool kit.

I bought the one size as a sort of test, and am already putting together a shopping list for more styles. I’ll be buying the right-angle hook, at the least, and maybe the 45° hook as well.

I don’t know if I need the straight hook, but I can see myself using it as a light duty or more precise awl for locating screw holes where greater reach might be needed. Don’t admonish me, but I sometimes use longer small-size Phillips screwdrivers where my awls and punches might not be long enough.

I already have a couple of complex-tip hooks and picks in shorter lengths from different brands. I know for certain that I’ll benefit from the longer-reach curved, 90°, and 45° hooks, at the least. I don’t know if some of the other shapes would be as useful for my needs, as I rarely use all of my shorter pick sizes.

The individual picks are ~$5 and up. I paid $5.58 for the round hook, it’s now $4.99. All of the longer hooks and picks have a 9″ length.

The 8pc set looks to be on sale for a couple of dollars off its regular price. It could be a good buy if you want a nice selection of long-reach hooks.

Deal Price: $30.53

Buy Now via Amazon

You’re not saving a lot with the discounts on these sets, but a deal’s a deal, and a couple of dollar saved is still money you can spend elsewhere.

Gearwrench Mini Pick Set 84040H

But I don’t have ANY hooks or picks! I would say that this 4pc set ($20 at Amazon) might be a good starting point.

I opted for longer picks to complement an existing set of shorter hooks and picks, and think that a 4pc set of mini hooks is better place to start unless you know for sure you’ll need the longer reach.

Longer hooks and picks can do a lot of the same things as shorter tools, and if you need longer reach there’s not much you can do with a shorter tool, but I think that shorter picks can provide better control and precision.

For me, control and precision are needed more frequently than longer reach.

Would you start off with a set of standard/short hooks and picks, or a set of longer ones?

Price: $20

Buy Now via Amazon

Gearwrench Heavy Duty Lonk Hook and Pick Set 84020H

I need hooks and picks that are longer and stronger.

Gearwrench also has a set of 4 hooks and picks that are 14″ long. I tend to use a hose puller or pliers when I need a lot more strength or leverage, but these are on my radar in case I ever need them.

These are NOT mini picks – these tools look to have full-size screwdriver handles.

Amazon says that this set is on sale right now.

Deal Price: $32.22

Buy Now via Amazon

Gearwrench 7pc Hook and Pick Set 84000H

I need something different.

There’s also this 7pc hook and pick set, 84000H. it comes with a set of 4 mini hooks and picks, plus an awl, cotter pin puller, and hose pick puller.

Personally, I’d benefit from this set more so than a set of large-size picks and hooks – I think. I ordered the hose puller separately as well, and will report on that soon.

It looks like this set gives you everything you get with the $20 mini pick set, but with 3 larger size tools for just a few dollars more.

I would also bet that the handle differences here are similar to the handle size difference between Gearwrench’s mini hooks and picks and their longer heavy duty.

Price: $24.41

Buy Now via Amazon

Hmm… a Giveaway?!

I almost feel a little spoiled. Here I am enjoying the use of a new Gearwrench pick that was essentially bought for me (since they’re a sponsor). And then there are you guys, some with quality hooks and picks I’m sure, and others with… well, other brands that you’re probably itching to upgrade from.

So how about a giveaway, running from now through 11:59pm ET 6/14/2021?

Which of these Gearwrench hook & pick sets could you use, and how would you use it?

If you already use these Gearwrench hooks and picks, what do you use them for, and what do you think about them?

Prize Options

Gearwrench 8pc long hook & pick set

Gearwrench 4pc heavy-duty hook & pick set

Gearwrench 7pc hook & pick set

The winner will be picked at random, and I’ll order the prize from Amazon to be sent to them directly.

Contiguous USA addresses only, no PO Box, one entry per reader.

Answer the bolded question in a comment below, and also fill out the following form:

Giveaway Form

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