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Dewalt FlexVolt 15Ah Size Comparison vs 9Ah Battery

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Over on Instagram, @hdcarpentry posted a first-look at the new Dewalt FlexVolt 15Ah battery.

In addition to being Dewalt’s highest capacity FlexVolt and 20V Max battery to date, it has a new form factor. The new battery’s design could have further contexts and implications that have yet to be revealed.

As hdcarpentry shows, the battery can fit many existing tools without issue.

HDCarpentry Photo of Dewalt FlexVolt 15Ah Battery Compared to 9Ah Side View

Compared to the FlexVolt 9Ah battery, the new Dewalt 15AH battery is noticeably larger.

HDCarpentry Photo of Dewalt FlexVolt 15Ah Battery Compared to 9Ah

Despite featuring a much more complex construction, based on differences in how the external housing is designed, the new 15Ah battery maintains a similar profile to the 9Ah battery. This allows the 15Ah battery to be compatible with most Dewalt cordless power tools that are compatible with their 9Ah battery.

In other words, the new battery’s is similar in height and width to the 9Ah (and 12Ah) battery, but longer.

Dewalt has said this about two of their cordless rotary hammers that are being replaced with new models:

For those that have already bought the DCH733 and DCH773 [cordless rotary hammers], we will have a service part available in September [so] that users can upgrade their existing tools to accommodate the DCB615.

It is possible that other high-powered tools might also be upgradable to fit the new 15Ah battery. More details will be available in September when the new battery launches.

Photos: @hdcarpentry (via Instagram), used with permission.

Here’s their full post:

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