Southwire Electrician’s Scissors

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Over at Amazon, they have had the Southwire ES001 electrician’s scissors on sale for $7.49.

As you might guess from the name, electrician’s scissors are multi-functional scissors aimed at common electrical tasks such as cutting and stripping smaller wires.

The scissors can cut solid wire up to 16 AWG and stranded wire up to 12 AWG. There are two grooves for stripping 19 AWG and 23 AWG wires. The outside edges of the scissors are textured for use as a scraper and a file.

A big feature is that the scissors have serrated cutting edges, which helps to keep materials such as wire, cable, and hardware cloth from slipping.

The scissors are plated with a nickel finish for rust resistance.

I think that the serrated cutting edges give the scissors appeal beyond purely electrical-related tasks and applications, but the tool’s smaller size keeps it from being a general purpose tool. It measures 5.38″ long x 2.19″ wide x 0.38″ tall, and weighs 0.19 lbs.

If this is something you could use, whether you’re a fan of electrician’s scissors or considering them for the first time, the pricing seems very hard to beat.

Compared to regular street pricing, Amazon has them for ~50% off. Lowe’s has the next-best price, at $12.38. Other dealers have it for $15-20.

Sale Price: $7.49

Update: Sorry, it looks like Amazon has sold out. You can check back to see if they restock, but it’s unclear how long that might be or if the scissors will be at the same price. I’m still eager to hear your thoughts on this type of tool.

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Are you a fan of electrician’s scissors? Would you buy these?

Southwire guarantees this tool for life.

Here’s a brief closer look:

Compare: Klein Electrician’s Scissors

Klein Electrical Scissors

Klein also (of course) has a line of electrician’s scissors. They have a couple of popular models – one without stripping notches, one with notches, and another that’s made from stainless steel instead of being nickel-plated. They also have free-fall-style snips, but that’s a very different design.

The Klein scissors are made in the USA.

Price: $15 and up

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