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Metabo HPT MultiVolt Finds its Stride and FREE SWAG Offer!

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Metabo HPT is refreshing the branding and messaging behind their MultiVolt cordless power tool system, focusing on the flexibility their tech provides.

The MultiVolt battery can power any of Metabo HPT’s 18V tools, as well as any of their 36V tools.

If you want go lighter, such as with the more compact 18V tools, you can pair such tools with compact 18V battery options.

If you need to go longer, there are higher capacity MultiVolt batteries to choose from.

And if you want to go all day, Metabo HPT is the only brand to offer an AC adapter that works with ALL of their 36V cordless power tools.

Note: I’ll be putting a lot of time in with a couple of Metabo HPT 18V and MultiVolt tools as part of a sponsorship with the brand. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know!

MultiVolt Family from Metabo HPT 2021

The MultiVolt cordless power tool system has grown quite a bit, and is still growing. If you recall, the brand recently launched a new cordless full-size brushless router.

MultiVolt Advantage from Metabo HPT

The “MultiVolt Advantage” is easy to navigate.

Battery Options for 18V Tools

  • 1.5Ah
  • 3.0Ah – I really like this size battery for compact drills and impact drivers!

Battery Options for 18V or 36V Tools

  • 2.5Ah/5.0Ah MultiVolt
  • 4.0Ah/8.0Ah MultiVolt

Capacity is in 36V/18V format. For instance, first battery delivers 5.0Ah charge capacity when paired with an 18V cordless power tool, or 2.5Ah when paired with a 36V tool. The energy capacity, or 90 watt-hours is the same in any configuration.

AC Power Option for 36V Tools

My Take on it

I think that the 5.0Ah battery is the “sweet spot.” It works with all of the MultiVolt 18V and 36V tools and is a great place to start. If you need a lighter solution, go with an 18V tool and compact battery. If you need longer runtime, go with the higher capacity MultiVolt battery. And then you have the AC adapter if you need or want it for 36V tools.

For some tools, you can go 18V or 36V, such as with similar impact drivers in both systems. Do you think you’ll want to use it with a compact battery? Go with the 18V option. Do you think you might want to use the AC adapter? Go with the 36V version.

Retail Availability

The MultiVolt system is available at Lowe’s stores nationwide, as well as Menard’s, Amazon, and select independent dealers.

More specialty tools are also available online, such as:

  • Rebar cutter/bender
  • Cordless plunge router
  • Metal connector nailer
  • Duplex nailer
  • 10″ cordless table saw

Many of these tools are not available from any other brand, such as the full 10″ sized table saw.

Quite a few of you have been asking for a cordless metal connector nailer. Well, here you go!

FREE Swag Offer!

Metabo HPT FREE Swag Box Offer 2021

Metabo HPT has revamped their cordless power tool displays at local stores and is offering a great incentive for you to check it out:

Step 1: Visit your local Lowe’s, Menard’s, or other Metabo HPT tool dealer.

Step 2: Take a selfie photo of yourself in front of their setup.

Step 3: Follow their posting instructions (full entry details are included in the social post embedded below).

Step 4: Enjoy your super soft Metabo HPT t-shirt.

The offer ends 6/20/21 unless supplies run out sooner.

“But I’m not on social media!” You can also participate via email! Check out the promo page for full details.

Metabo HPT Promo Details

Social media rules:

But I don’t want to take a selfie!

This past weekend, I visited my parents for the first time in about a year and a half, and we caught them by surprise. Do you know what my father was wearing? A super-soft Metabo HPT t-shirt that I gave him a while back. It’s super-comfy, and I gave it to him because he tends to really like swag.

The Metabo HPT cordless power tools are definitely worth checking out, and a free super-comfy t-shirt is worth taking a selfie during your next visit to the store.

But in case you can’t make it to the your nearest Metabo HPT-stocking store, or maybe you’re not a fan of social media or selfies, how about this:

We asked Metabo HPT to set aside 5 t-shirts for a ToolGuyd reader giveaway.

MultiVolt Family from Metabo HPT 2021

Take another look at this Metabo HPT MultiVolt 18V and 36V family photo. Are there any tools you’d like to learn more about?

Maybe one of their cordless nailers, of which there are several industry-first’s? The sub-compact tools?

Are there any Metabo HPT tools you use and love? For me, it’s got to be the 18V triple hammer impact driver. I love using that tool more than any other brands’ impact, so much so that I bought and gave away a kit so that I could keep my review sample as a personal tool. It’s smooth, powerful, compact, and battery runtime is amazing.

Leave a comment before and fill out the entry form for a chance at one of 5 t-shirts. If you want a guaranteed t-shirt, be sure to check out Metabo HPT’s official giveaway. Metabo HPT’s giveaway ends 6/20/21 unless supplies run out sooner. Our entry period will end at 11:59pm ET 6/14/21.

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Metabo HPT Promo

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