Home Depot Father’s Day 2021 Tool Deals

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If you’re looking to start building a tool kit, expand an existing kit, or restock some staples, The Home Depot has a ton of compelling tool deals for Father’s Day 2021.

They also have quite a few gift ideas, but a deal’s a deal, whether you’re shopping for yourself or the father figures in your life.

I’ll add to this list as I discover new tool deals, and would appreciate a heads-up on any great Home Depot tool deals you might come across.

The following link is to Home Depot’s massive “savings center” where you can browse through all of the current tool deals, discounts, and special buys.

See Home Depot Special Buys

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Table of Contents

Husky 230pc Mechanics Tool Set
Husky Combination Wrench Sets
Flashlight and Worklight Deals
Dewalt Atomic Laser Measurer
Milwaukee FastBack Knife 2-Pack
Husky 1/2″ Torque Wrench
Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver Kit
Ryobi Days Tool Deals
Milwaukee M12 Inflator Kit
Husky Ratcheting Tie Downs
Makita 18V 8pc Combo Kit
Ridgid 10″ Table Saw
Cordless Outdoor Power Tools

Additional Tool Deals

Husky Ratchet Accessory Set

Husky 230pc Mechanics Tool Set

Husky has a deal on this 230pc mechanics tool set for $99. These all-in-one starter sets are a popular buy, providing a selection of ratchets, drive accessories, sockets, combination wrenches, hex keys, and accessories.

Husky 230pc Mechanics Tool Set

All of the tools – 3 ratchets, 131 sockets, 10 wrenches, and 86 accessories, are packaged in a convenient tool case.

These sets always tend to sell out fast, so if it’s on your shopping list, don’t delay.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

As shown on the signage, Husky has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all hand tools, with a hassle-free no-questions-asked and no-receipt-needed process.

Read More: Husky Tools’ the Forever Guarantee

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Husky 10pc Combination Wrench Sets

Husky 10pc Combination Wrench Set

I’m a “build a tool kit from smaller sets” kind of person, and so I’m happy to see that Home Depot also has Husky 10pc combination wrench sets on sale for $20 each.

SAE sizes: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 7/8″

Metric sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 19mm

Price: $20

Buy Now: SAE via Home Depot
Buy Now: Metric via Home Depot

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Flashlight and Worklight Deals

I know there are plenty who might disagree with me, but I always like giving flashlights as gifts. Too many people have come to rely on their $1000+ smartphones as flashlights in situations where a standalone flashlight would work a lot better.

Even if you’re set with gift shopping, maybe you need an upgrade?

Milwaukee Rover Magnetic Floodlight

Milwaukee 2108 LED Flood Light Flashlight

The Milwaukee Rover magnetic flood light delivers 300 lumens of uniform illumination. It has a pocketable size, strong magnets, and is one of the toughest compact lights I have ever used.

At $20, this is a solid deal that I heartily recommend.

Price: $20

Buy Now via Home Depot

Tip: I’ve grown fed up with alkaline batteries leaking in everything. This light is designed around 1.5V cells and you lose a brightness level if you use 1.2V rechargeables. The Rover comes with 2xAA batteries, and once you wear those down, consider replacing them with Energizer AA lithium cells.

Husky LED Headlamp

Husky LED Headlamp HH350

I passed along a Husky LED headlamp to my wife’s uncle, and he uses it all the time and still thanks me for. This is a new model, and if it’s anything like its predecessor, it’ll be sure to please.

This headlamp was designed to be the best in class, with performance designed to exceed other major selling headlamps.

It features an IPX8 waterproof rating, bright spot emitter, diffuse side emitters, and what look to be medium-distance secondary emitters next to the center spotlight.

Husky says that the Broad Range Headlamp will not disappoint, and I’m inclined to believe it.

Price: $18

Buy Now via Home Depot

Tip: 3xAAA batteries are included, and once they’re depleted, consider Energizer AAA lithium cells.

Milwaukee LED Flashlight (3xAAA)

Milwaukee 3xAAA Aluminum LED Flashlight

If you want a more traditionally-styled flashlight, this Milwaukee 3xAAA light has an aluminum body, 325 lumen max brightness, high and low modes, IP67 dust and waterproof construction 4 meters (~12 feet) of impact resistance, and tailcap switch with on/off and momentary activation modes.

You can also slide the head for beam adjustment, focusing the light for a spotlight beam shape or spreading it for a floodlight.

Price: $30

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Dewalt Atomic Laser Distance Measurer

Dewalt Atomic Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Everyone can benefit from having a laser distance measurer at their disposal. The Dewalt Atomic is a compact laser measurer with built-in rechargeable battery and unbeatable price.

I found it for $20 in-store; check back soon to see if the deal pricing is applied online as well.

Price: $20 (in-store)

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Milwaukee FastBack Utility Knife 2-Pack

Milwaukee FastBack Utility Knife 2-Pack 2020 Holiday Promo

I wondered if I should mention Milwaukee’s FastBack utility knife 2-pack deal once more, but the display at my local Home Depot has already been picked clean.

If you want to save yourself a trip to the store, Home Depot is offering this price along with FREE SHIPPING.

Price: $15

Buy Now via Home Depot

AND, it’s also part of a “buy 4 or more, get 25% off” promo:

HOT Milwaukee Hand Tool Deals at Home Depot

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Husky 1/2″ Torque Wrench

Husky Torque Wrench Deal

Stop thinking “I should really use a torque wrench but…” and just buy one!

Husky tipped me off that their 1/2″ torque wrench is on sale for $50. It operates in the 50 – 250 ft-lbs range.

Price: $50

Buy Now via Home Depot

If you want a 3/8″ torque wrench instead, it’s available at the same $50 deal price. The 3/8″ torque wrench operates in the 20 – 100 ft-lbs range.

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver Kit

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Deal 2553-21

This Milwaukee M12 FUEL brushless impact driver kit is a returning special buy at $99. It delivers 1300 in-lbs of max torque, which is incredible given its compact size. The kit comes with a charger, 2.0Ah battery, and carrying case.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

See Also: Milwaukee M18 Compact Brushless Kit

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Ryobi Days 2021 Tool Deals

Ryobi Days Fathers Day 2021 Free Tool Promo

Now’s one of the best times to start or expand a Ryobi 18V cordless power tool set, with plenty of deals on combo kits, bare tools, and special buy bundles.

The highlighted deal, in my opinion, is their “buy a starter kit, get a free tool” promo.

You see, there’s usually a 4.0Ah battery 2-pack deal, priced at $99. Here, you get 2x 4Ah batteries, a charger, AND a free bonus tool.

There are a lot of different cordless power tool and accessories options you could choose from, including a jig saw, cordless fan, blower, angle grinder, 10″ orbital buffer, and more.

Shop Ryobi Deals via Home Depot

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Milwaukee M12 Inflator Kit

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Inflator Kit 2475-21CP

This Milwaukee M12 cordless inflator special buy is a particularly good deal and a great gift idea as well. Stop topping off your tires at the gas station where you need to guess the pressure level.

You can use this for seasonal tire pressure adjustments, and it’s compact enough to be taken on road trips, just in case.

Price: $99

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Husky Ratcheting Tie Down 4-Pack

Husky Ratcheting Tie-Down 4-Pack 2021

I wouldn’t think anybody would find tie-down deals exciting, but Husky’s tie-downs bundles always seem to be very popular at my local stores. On the other hand, these are a much better value than the tie-downs I used to buy.

Less than $10 for a 4-pack of 500-lb straps seems to be a very good buy.

Price: $9

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Makita 18V 8pc Cordless Combo Kit

Makita 18V 8pc Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit XT801X1

This Makita 18V 8pc cordless power tool combo kit, XT801X1, is a returning special buy.

Here’s what you get:

  • Drill/driver (XFD10Z)
  • Impact driver (XDT11Z)
  • Circular saw (6-1/2″, XSS02Z)
  • Compact reciprocating saw (XRJ01Z)
  • 5″ random orbit sander (XOB01Z)
  • 3/8″ sub-compact impact wrench (XWT12ZB)
  • Blower (DUB182Z)
  • LED flashlight (DML815)
  • Rapid charger
  • 2x 3.0Ah batteries
  • Tool bag

This is a “special buy” configuration, but it’s hard to beat the value.

Price: $399

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Ridgid Portable 10″ Table Saw

Ridgid R4518NS Portable Table Saw

Ridgid has deal pricing on the R4518NS compact 10″ portable table saw.

I’m not familiar with this model, but it looks to be a good buy, especially with many other brands’ saws around the same price range now featuring smaller 8-1/4″ blade sizes.

Price: $279

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Cordless Outdoor Power Tools

Home Depot Cordless Outdoor Power Tool Deals Fathers Day 2021

Home Depot has a huge cordless outdoor power equipment showing this year, with tons of options and deals.

See Cordless Outdoor Tool Deals

Milwaukee Cordless Outdoor Power Tools Buy More Save More Deal 2021

Home Depot’s Milwaukee Tool “Buy More Save More” promo is also worth a look.

Milwaukee Buy More Save More Deal

Dewalt FlexVolt DCST972X1 Cordless Modular Trimmer

While not discounted, Home Depot also has the new Dewalt FlexVolt attachment-capable power handle and string trimmer kit available for in-store pickup or ship-to-home.

About half of the cordless outdoor power tools on display were deals and promo bundles, the other half were new “latest and greatest” tool releases.

Buy Now via Home Depot

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Husky 11pc 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Drive Accessory Set

Husky Mechanics Drive Accessory Set

Here’s another deal from Home Depot’s deals center – a Husky 11pc drive accessory set, with extension bars, size adapters, and universal joints.

To sweeten the deal, it ships for free.

Price: $14.97

Buy Now via Home Depot

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