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Bosch and Dewalt Impact Screwdriver Bits

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Over at Lowe’s, they seem have quite a few clearance deals on select Bosch and Dewalt impact-rated screwdriver bits and assortments.

There’s a catch, though.

Some of these deals are available for ship-to-store, just one is available for shop-to-home, some are available for in-store pickup, and most are only eligible for truck/freight delivery (which usually means they’re coming from a regional store.

I typically don’t like posting about clearance or clearance-like deals because of the “YMMV” (your miles might vary) factor, but this seemed like it could help a lot of people.

Lowe’s has recently introduced a new line of Wiha Terminator screwdriver bits, and new Bosch Driven screwdriver bits, and so it’s logical that they might be refreshing and updating their competitive offerings a little bit.

These seem like very good deals if you can take advantage of them.

This Bosch 24pc screwdriver bit set, SDMS24, is a good buy at its seasonal price of $10. At $4, buy one if only for the case and impact-rated bit holder.

Sale Price: $3.99

Buy Now via Lowe’s
Compare via Amazon


Bosch DDMS20 Screwdriver Bit Set

The Bosch 20pc assortment, DDMS20, is also on sale. This configuration comes with a couple of drill bits in place of some of the screwdriver bits.

Price: $3.99

Buy Now via Lowe’s
Compare via Acme Tools

Dewalt DWA2FTS25IR-Z Screwdriver Bit Set

This Dewalt FlexTorq 25pc bit set is a great price as well.

Price: $4.99

Buy Now via Lowe’s

Dewalt DWA2NGFT35IR Bit Set

If you want something different, here’s a Dewalt 35pc bit set for the same price.

Price: $4.99

Buy Now via Lowe’s

Dewalt FlexTorq Double-Ended Screwdriver Bits

If you can get it, what do you think about these 3pc double-ended bits?

Price: $1.09

Buy Now via Lowe’s

Lowes Truck Delivery on Screwdriver Bits

I say if you can get it because $70 freight shipping appears to be the only option for me. Bummer.

Bosch Impact Screwdriver Bits – 2″ 15-Packs

Bosch Impact Phillips Screwdriver Bit 15 Pack

There are a couple of 15pc power bits packs on sale:

Price: $2.59

Bosch PH#2 15-Pack
Bosch T25 15-Pack
Bosch T20 15-Pack

They also have at least one 15-pack of 1″ bits:

Bosch PH#2 15-Pack (1″)

Bosch Custom Case System Clear Box

Snag this translucent bit box for a good price. It can also be used within Bosch’s custom bit boxes.

Price: $0.59

Buy Now via Lowe’s

Bosch Custom Case System Large Case

If you want a bare case, here’s one that’s on sale too.

Price: $1.19

Buy Now via Lowe’s

Bosch 8pc 1/4″ hex 2-inch Power Bit Sets

Bosch Impact Screwdriver Power Bit Rail

There a number of “custom case” 2-inch bit replenishment packs, each very affordably priced even if you only want the bits or the holder.

8pc Square/Robertson Bit Set: $1.59
8pc Phillips Assortment: $1.59
8pc Phillips #2 Rail: $1.59
8pc Torx Assortment: $1.59

Bosch 8pc 1/4″ hex 1-inch Power Bit Sets

Bosch Impact Screwdriver Insert Bit Rail

And finally, here are some 1-inch bit replenishment packs.

8pc Torx Assortment: $1.29
8pc Phillips Assortment: $1.29
8pc Phillips #2 Set: $1.29 – Ship to Home Eligible

Were you guys able to get in on any of these seemingly clearance-priced accessory deals?

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