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New Bosch Red & Green Laser Measurers Have a Stakeout Accuracy “Deviation”

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Back in April, Bosch announced a new line of red and green laser distance measuring tools, similar to the European models that came out a few months earlier.

All of the new Bosch laser distance measuring tools are said to have an “accuracy deviation” issue.

Bosch says:

Tools with date codes prior to and including 03/2021 have an accuracy deviation from the standard measuring accuracy on the stakeout functionality as described in the chart above; all tools with date codes of 04/2021 and after do not have the stakeout functionality accuracy deviation and will have the standard measuring accuracy of +/- 1/16” (+/-1.5 mm) on the stakeout functionality.

Bosch will provide a free exchange on tools with the stakeout functionality accuracy deviation for a tool that does not have the stakeout functionality accuracy deviation – please contact Bosch customer service, 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499), for information on how to redeem this exchange offer on eligible tools.

Basically, the lasers’ measurement accuracy is said to be ± 1/16″, and the stakeout accuracy ±1/2″ on affected units.

What does Stakeout accuracy relate to? A laser distance measuring tool’s stakeout function is typically used to make a series of equal distance measurements. I would describe it as the laser measurer equivalent of a divider or equal space divider tool.

Is ±1/2″ stakeout accuracy a big deal? Yes if you intend to use that feature, no if you don’t. But if you’re buying a more premium laser distance measuring tool, chances are that you want to use as many of its functions to their full advantage as possible.

On 5/2/21, I asked Bosch USA:

On your website it mentions accuracy deviations that affect products with 3/2021 and earlier date codes. Does this affect any USA models headed to stores?

I asked again on 5/25/21, but never received clarification about this.

So, we’re now left to assume that the answer is YES.

I try to avoid buying products that have to be repaired or exchanged right out of the box, and would avoid buying any of the affected Bosch laser distance measuring tools unless I knew I would be getting an unaffected tool built in April 2021 or later. Even if this was a function I wouldn’t use right away, what if I wanted to use it some day?

Affected Models

Bosch Accuracy Deviation Laser Distance Measuring Tools

This “deviation” looks to affect ALL of the new Bosch laser distance measuring tools, red and green.

Bosch GLM165-22
Bosch GLM165-25G
Bosch GLM165-27C
Bosch GLM165-27CG
Bosch GLM165-27CGL

What This Means

Frankly, this isn’t a big deal – it’s not uncommon for subtle issues or minor defects to make their way into newly launched products.

I’m surprised that Bosch USA didn’t recall the shipments from retailers, or at least I’m assuming they haven’t. If they had, then they would have said as much a month ago when I first asked about this accuracy issue.

If you’re interested in these new lasers and don’t want to go through the hassle of buying one only to have to exchange it right away, give it a couple of months until newly produced and fixed units hit retailers.

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