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New Komelon Contractor TS 40-Foot Tape Measure

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Komelon just started promoting a new 40-foot Contractor TS tape measure on social media.

Does this size seem odd to you, or is it just me?

Komelon says that it has a compact case that it ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand. It features a nylon-coated blade that they say is made to last and resistant to wear.

The new Contractor TS 40′ tape measure has 12 feet of “true standout” which the brand says provides a “straighter and more accurate use of standout on any jobsite.”

Komelon Contractor TS Tape Measure 40-Foot Back and Front

Since the standout is said to be 12 feet, I’m going to assume that this tape has the same 1-1/4″ blade width as the other Komelon Contractor TS tape measures.

Here are all of the sizes in this lineup:

  • 16′
  • 25′
  • 25′ with magnetic hook
  • 35′
  • 40′ (new)

I wouldn’t call a 40′ tape measure compact, or at least I can’t imagine it being very compact given the 35′ tape measures I’m familiar with.

Interesting – is there a demand for a 40′ tape measure? Are they looking at 35′ users who want a little more range?

I’d think that a crank-arm tape measure would be a better or at least more popular choice if you need longer measuring range, or a laser distance measuring tool.

Komelon has not provided any size or weight measurements, but I would bet that this tape is a little larger and heavier than the average 35′ tape..

Price: $29.42

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Compare: FatMax 40′ Tape

Looking around, Stanley FatMax also has a 40′ tape measure before. I don’t recall seeing (spring-return) 40-foot tape measures before, but it certainly doesn’t look to be a brand new development.

What’s your take on this? “Yay more measuring range,” or “keep it, I would never use a tape measure of this size.”?

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