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Hart 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Hart Pole Hedge Trimmer Tackles Tall Hedges Conveniently and Safely

Anyone who has ever tried to trim the hedges from the top of a ladder knows that’s a potentially unsafe and generally bad idea. Why not set yourself up with the right tools for the job? The Hart 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer (HGPH011VNM) has more than enough of an extension to get the dual-sided trimming blades up to the top of your hedges without putting you in harm’s way.

High and Tight

The Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer has all the tools you need to keep your hedges—even the tall ones—under control.

Hart HGPH011VNM pole hedge trimmer

Assembling the Hart 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer out of the box is pretty simple. All of the pieces plug into each other, and a collar screws down over the connections to keep them tight and secure. When fully assembled, the pole hedge trimmer gives you 8 feet to work with.

Hart includes a shoulder strap to help keep some of the weight of the tool off your arms. This can be particularly helpful for longer trimming sessions; while the tool only weighs 8.3 lbs., most of that weight is at the end of an 8 ft. pole, and it can get fatiguing. That seems the case with any pole saw.

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