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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Megapro Screwdrivers

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I checked my email inbox this morning and saw that I received a message from Megapro. I didn’t open it yet – the words “Father’s Day!!” flashed into my mind and I came straight here.

If you’re shopping for someone, get them a Megapro screwdriver. If you want to treat yourself, get yourself a Megapro screwdriver. If when you’re reading this Father’s Day is long past and the next one still months ahead, buy a Megapro screwdriver.

See all Megapro Screwdrivers on Amazon

Megapro screwdrivers are made in the USA or Canada, depending on the model, and they’re large, convenient, and well-made.

I’ve purchased a few over the years, and Megapro sent over a couple of samples a while back as well.

Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers

I can highly recommend anything Megapro makes, but their ratcheting screwdrivers are especially good. (I continue to use my Megapro-made Channellock driver to this day.)

Megapro makes two basic styles of ratcheting screwdriver – one that works with double-ended bits with ball detent retention, and one that works with standard 1″ insert bits.

In theory, I prefer the screwdriver that works with 1″ bits, but in practice I still haven’t felt compelled enough to upgrade. Should I lose or damage any of the double-ended bits, replacements are widely available.

Megapro screwdrivers have large handles. which are perfect for delivery high torque. The ratcheting screwdrivers have a more slender and tapered shape.

These are good screwdrivers for general purpose or specialized tasks, but not really anything where you need a smaller tool or more precise feel.

Megapro Screwdrivers Amazon Reviews

If you’re on the fence, take a peek at the user reviews, which tend to be 5-stars across the board.

Buy Now: Original Driver via Amazon
Buy Now: Ratcheting Driver via Amazon
Buy Now: Channellock via Amazon
Buy Now: Ratcheting 1″ Driver via Amazon

Here’s my short video of the Channellock from nearly 10 years ago.

The thing about Megapro is that they’re not a one-tool-fits-all type of company. Some drivers are aimed at HVAC professionals, others at automotive users, and they even have one for elevator technicians.

There are a couple of special editions as well.

Megapro Eclipse Multi-Bit Screwdriver

If you want an all-black handle, try the Eclipse version.

Buy Now via Amazon

Megapro Patriotic Screwdriver

Feeling patriotic? Try the Independence Driver.

Buy Now via Amazon

Megapro Hi-Viz Screwdrivers

There are even hi-viz green and orange Megapro screwdrivers, exclusive to Bowers Tool Co. These are fairly priced as well – $20 each with free shipping.

Buy Now: Orange Hi-Viz via Amazon
Buy Now: Green Hi-Viz via Amazon

Megapro Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver

Do you need more leverage? Get the Megapro T-handle driver.

Buy Now via Amazon

Megapro Precision Screwdriver

“Buy I really need something smaller.” Try this one.

Buy Now via Amazon

Klein 32581 4-in-1 Precision Screwdriver

Although… if you ask me, the Klein 4-in-1 is a better buy for just $1 more.

Buy Now via Amazon

Megapro Impact Bits

“Buy I only use power tools these days.” They also have impact-rated screwdriver and nutdriver bits in convenient pocket cases.

Buy Now via Amazon

Now, I should probably see what that email is about.

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