Milwaukee Tool Cart with Drawers 48-22-8590 – (Revisit)

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A little over two years ago, Milwaukee announced a new 40″ steel tool cart, model 48-22-8590.

This post was first published on 4/10/19, and updated on 5/24/21. This update is more of a revisit. Have anyone of you purchased one of these Milwaukee tool carts since it launched?

At the time, a lot of commentors focused on the price. Have any of your thoughts on the tool cart changed over the past two year? We’ve seen

Original Post on the Milwaukee Tool Cart

The 40″ Milwaukee tool cart features a reinforced frame, two drawers equipped with 100 lb soft-close slides, a built-in power center, removable storage trays, a built-in wire spool holder, and 5″ industrial casters.

It also has corner bumpers, a large side handle, a cut-out v-groove in the top, and some tool organizational features at the top, such as screwdriver holes and some partitioning.

There are even cups for holding supplies, such as nylon zip ties, pencils, or markers.

The cart has a total weight capacity of 700 lbs.

Milwaukee Tool Cart 48-22-8590


  • 40.2″ wide
  • 30.3″ deep
  • 39.02″ tall

Both drawers appear to be lockable. From other product photos, the bottom drawer lock engages downwards.

Milwaukee says that the tool cart weighs 140 lbs and requires some assembly.

Price: $399
Launched: April 2019

Buy Now via Home Depot

Note: Possibly due to current component and material shortages worldwide, or possibly due to other factors, the tool cart doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere. The current price (May 2021) is said to be $498.

First Thoughts

The new Milwaukee 40″ tool cart looks to be a nice entry into a rather crowded market, offering some extras and user-friendly enhancements that help it to stand out.

The drawer on the bottom? If it can’t be moved higher up, then maybe a flat shelf can be placed on top. But what if that shelf sags?

I like the idea of the organized top. And if you can’t quite use the wire spool bar, maybe that can be a tape holder. Paper towels holder? Something else? There are things that can be done with it. It looks like the storage trays can be mounted inside or outside the frame. But can additional trays be purchased? Maybe there’s a DIY solution, as it looks like the trays secure via keyhole-like slots on the outer face of the carts.

Honestly, I’d prefer if there was a hardwood top option as well.

Milwaukee also recently came out with a 56″ tool storage combo (featuring a new electronic lock), and 40″ mobile workbenches.

Milwaukee 40-inch Wood-Topped Mobile Workbench
Milwaukee 40-inch Wood-Topped Mobile Workbench for 2019

Pricing Update: Home Depot has started carrying the steel-topped mobile workbench at select stores, and at a lower price than it launched at ($498 vs. $600).

See Also: Mobile Bench via Home Depot

I like that Milwaukee is exploring new options and markets with their steel storage products, and hope that they further their progress.

With this cart, I wonder how well that lower drawer will hold up in time. In my workspace, I’d likely load it in excess of that 100 lb load capacity, easily. That lower drawer is lockable, likely for greater stability during transport, rather than security.

Maybe the cart has some other customization options, or at least user customization potential.

Based on what I see here, I’d say that it’s not wildly different from other tool carts on the market, but it does offer enough added features to stand out.

Would this tool cart suit your needs?

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