Have You Used Cerrowire Wire Before?

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A couple of months ago, I was shopping for THHN wire and came across a brand I wasn’t familiar with – Cerrowire.

Oh, I thought, a new wiring company? But when I looked into the brand I saw that apparently they have been operating for a long time, celebrating their 100 year anniversary in 2020.

Cerrowire has a broad catalog of wiring products, specializing in residential and commercial wire, and they also have machine tool wire and several specialty styles as well.

You can now find Cerrowire at Home Depot, which helps to explain the increased visibility. Also, many (if not most) of Cerrowire’s products are explicitly described on their product pages as being made in the USA.

While I know that Southwire’s Romex name is generally used to describe non-metallic building wire in the same way that Band-Aid is used as the general term to describe adhesive bandages, I can’t say that I have known any other brand of NM wire until now.

I found it interesting to learn that Cerrowire is a Berkshire Hathaway company, along with Benjamin Moore paints, Duracell, Geico, and many others. Cerrowire is specifically part of the Marmon Holdings Inc business group, which also includes many component and specialty product makers, such as Atlas Bolt & Screw, Coilmaster, Future Metals, and more.

Here’s my question – have you used this brand’s wiring products before, and what are your thoughts?

How loyal are you to your current wiring brand? What might prompt you to try a new brand?

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