5 Reasons to Buy a Vinyl Front Door (uPVC)

Traditionally, you could buy doors made from wood, steel, or fiberglass. Each had its strengths and weaknesses. Recently, vinyl (uPVC) front doors have made their way into the scene. UPVC doors take on the dominant materials by presenting a very reasonable alternative to more traditional products. We came up with 5 solid reasons why you should consider taking a look at uPVC or vinyl exterior doors for your next project. UPVC or vinyl may not always be the best choice, but they definitely provide plenty of advantages.

1. Vinyl Front Doors Look Like Wood (But Cost Less!)

uPVC or vinyl front doors can really mimic the look of wood. By using modern manufacturing techniques, these doors can be manufactured so that they resemble a wood door. They can include an embossed design and even a simulated wood grain pattern embedded directly into the vinyl itself.

Manufacturers can also build vinyl or uPVC front doors with raised moldings. These simulate real trim panels found on wood doors. It can also provide this without having to include separate glued or nailed pieces of trim. Those can break off or separate from the door over time.

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2. Extremely Weather-proof by Design & Construction

While the last point may not seem like a big deal, the seamless design of vinyl front doors contributes to their extreme durability. Your vinyl front door can take on the shape of a panel door. However, it does this without the actual assembled panels.

That means your front door quite literally functions as a solid piece of vinyl, making it impervious to liquid penetration. The surface absorbs no water, and the material doesn’t suffer from the capillary action of water on wood or similarly absorbent materials. Now you no longer have to deal with the number one issue with wood doors: swelling and rotting.

So What is uPVC? UPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It’s also called rigid PVC or… um, just vinyl and is frequently used in construction due to its tendency to be a low-maintenance material. UPVC is durable and the latest iterations resist shattering more than older versions of vinyl (particularly with respect to vinyl siding). The material comes in a range of colors and finishes, including a pseudo wood finish, and can be used as a substitute for painted wood, mostly for window frames, sills. fascia, and weatherboarding.

3. uPVC Front Doors Have Low Maintenance

One of the best characteristics of a uPVC or vinyl front door is its near-zero maintenance. While we love wood doors – and they will indeed last a very long time, they have trim pieces and paint or stain that can flake or break off, leaving the surface able to absorb moisture and change shape. Scraping and maintenance is a regular periodic event with those types of doors. Even just priming and re-painting is a task that will need to be performed every several years. All of that disappears with a uPVC door. The color goes straight through the vinyl surface and doesn’t fade over time. In fact, the only maintenance you can expect to perform on a uPVC door is to occasionally wash the surface with soap and water to get it clean.

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4. Secure and Compatible with Standard Locksets and Accessories

While the lockset you choose is going to be an important consideration for your door, using a uPVC door won’t limit you in any way. The vinyl or uPVC door is perfectly compatible with any system you choose. What’s cool is that there are specific options likereinforcing rails and even multi-point locking mechanisms that will engage with the master frame at several points along the door’s structure and deliver maximum protection.

5. Vinyl Front Doors Have Great Insulation and Weather Resistance

The final reason why we love uPVC doors is that they really deliver an extra level of insulation, keeping out both heat and cold from penetrating into your home. Because uPVC doors are so good at this, they definitely help to lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

So there you have it – five reasons why you should consider using a uPVC or vinyl door on your home. It may not be the right solution for every application, but there are serious reasons why you’ll want to consider it as you shop for a new exterior door.

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