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Folding Hex Key Sets – Yay or No Way?

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This is a folding hex key tool, a Bondhus GorillaGrip set, with 7 sizes of metric hex tools housed in a single handle.

I really don’t like folding hex tools, although it has been maybe 20+ years since I’ve used one.

My father had a couple of these, as well as hex keys on a split ring, and I could never find the size I needed. So, once I started buying my own tools, I bought L-keys, hex screwdrivers, T-handles, but never folding hex key sets, and never looked back.

I considered buying folding hex keys before, and finally gave in this week, figuring I’ve held a grudge for so long that it’s time to give them another chance.

There’s definitely a convenience factor here. First, there’s nothing to lose. I have a ball end hex key set with a hole with the 2.5mm L-wrench used to be. It’s around here somewhere, but I never replaced it and now it’s missing. This won’t happen with a folding hex key set.

The portability is also a big highlight – take the handle, pop it into a pocket, and you can comfortably carry it around until or to where it’s needed.

There are some tasks where something like this might be just as useful as standard hex wrenches, but more convenient to carry, store, and deploy. My kids’ balance bikes, for example, have a couple of adjustments where I just need a quick tool with straight hex tips. I don’t need length or ball ends, and something like this might suffice, especially if I keep it where I’ll need it.

Maybe I’m just convincing myself that it’ll be useful, but they’re on the way and so I’ll start finding out soon.

Bondhus GorillaGrip Fold-up Hex Key Set

I bought the 3pc set, which comes with an inch handle, metric handle, and Torx handle. If you just want the metric set shown above, it’s priced at under $5.

I’m also optimistic of the quality – Bondhus has a stellar reputation and they’ve had a nearly perfect track record with me. And, they’re made in the USA. Bondhus tools are typically a great example where you can have a good quality tool that’s made in the USA and also affordably priced.

Buy Now: 3pc Set via Amazon
Buy Now: Metric set via Amazon
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Bondhus has a couple other options, and I’m giving some of those folding tool sets a try as well (purchased at retail from Amazon).

What’s your stance on folding hex keys?

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Klein Folding Hex Key Set

Klein also makes hex key sets with a metal housing. But, I think the Bondhus GorillaGrip and their color-coded handles will be more convenient. I’m not really concerned about the metal vs. plastic handle differences. Still, it’s good to have options.

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