Milwaukee 12-Inch Digital Measuring Wheel

Milwaukee Aims to Provide the Most Efficient Measuring Wheel on the Market

This June, Milwaukee Tool adds another innovative measurement and layout tool to their roster, and it goes beyond tapes or other manual measuring wheels. The Milwaukee 12” Digital Measuring Wheel (48-22-5112) builds upon the existing 6- and 12-inch products in the lineup with a design that highlights control, convenience, and ease of use.

The Big Deal

The Milwaukee Digital Measuring Wheel features handle-mounted buttons and a backlit digital LCD display. Together, they let you easily use the tool one-handed. It also gives you an intuitive user interface that saves up to four measurements. You can access these by using the Memory button.

Milwaukee 48-22-5112 grass

Milwaukee always seems to remember ergonomics, so it doesn’t surprise us to find that the Digital Measuring Wheel has a telescoping frame that lets you customize the height. This makes the wheel more comfortable to use, regardless of height. It also makes this measuring tool easy to store. Fully extended, it measures 38.2 inches, and it collapses down to just 24.25 inches.

It even has a folding kickstand so it stays upright when you pause to take notes.

48-22-5112 dimensions

And, when you take measurements, you can select and convert them between imperial, metric, and engineer scales. You can hold and clear measurements with just the touch of a button as well. 

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