What Makes Makita Brushless Motors Different?

If you ever take a look through the features of a product on Makita’s website, brushless motors get lots of mention. We interviewed the company about what actually makes Makita brushless motors different from the competition.

During the process, I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with Carlos Quintana. Carlos is the Senior Product Manager for Makita Cordless Tools—and he provided some pretty clear answers.

10-Second Summary

  • The motors are chosen specifically to match the design & purpose of the tool
  • Outer rotor designs allow for speed and power gains in some OPE and heavier duty tools
  • Magnets matter
  • The Makita LXT line uses at least 5 different brushless motors

Designing Makita Brushless Motors with a Purpose

When Makita talks about purpose-built motors, they mean they specifically select the motor to match the tool. Now, you can order any size motor you want from China and plop it in a tool. It will run. Makita looks at not only what the tool is, but also how it functions. They also consider the accessories it will use and the materials being cut, drilled, and/or fastened.

Makita impact drivers present a great case-in-point. The Makita XDT16 has a very compact tip-to-tail design. It’s actually one of the best impact drivers we’ve tested to-date—and certainly one of the most compact. Contrast that with the Makita Sub-Compact Impact Driver. It features a longer but narrower design.

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