New Milwaukee Aluminum Cheater Pipe Wrench w/ Extending Handle

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Milwaukee has come out with a new aluminum Cheater pipe wrench, model 48-22-7318.

The original Milwaukee Cheater pipe wrench was announced in 2015, and it featured a unique pipe wrench design that shipped with 2 attachable handle sizes.

The new aluminum Cheater pipe wrench is similar, but has a single extending handle. You get 3 pipe wrench lengths here, but there are only 2 parts.

Milwaukee Aluminum Cheater Pipe Wrench 48-22-7318 Compact Size Used

You can remove the included handle for jobs where the pipe wrench needs to be used in tight spaces.

Milwaukee Aluminum Cheater Pipe Wrench 48-22-7318 Extended Length

Add the handle back in and extend it out for when extra leverage is needed.

Milwaukee Aluminum Cheater Pipe Wrench 48-22-7318 Configurations

Here’s a look at the three different configurations. New to this design is the quick-slide function which means you don’t need to keep track of extra pieces.

Compact Configuration: 11″ for use in tight spaces, with the handle extension removed.

Standard Configuration: 18″ for general purpose use, with the handle extension inserted all the way in.

Maximum Leverage Configuration: 24″ for greater leverage, with the handle at max extension.

The pipe wrench features an OVERBITE JAW that Milwaukee says gives the wrench “the largest gripping surface.”

The aluminum Cheater pipe wrench has a 2.5″ jaw capacity, matching the capacity of traditional 18″ pipe wrenches.

The handle has a tether-ready lanyard hole for when working at heights.

Price: $120
ETA: June 2021

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Milwaukee’s Cheater pipe wrench has always made sense to me, and I know some users love it while others prefer to carry and use separate wrenches.

The benefit here is that you have an 18″ pipe wrench that can be used in tight spaces or higher leverage applications without having to carry multiple tools.

In compact situations, you have the jaw capacity of an 18″ wrench in the body of a smaller wrench. For when you need greater leverage, you don’t need to figure out how to carry a 24″ pipe wrench with you.

Price-wise, well, things get complicated. Milwaukee’s 18″ aluminum pipe wrench is $60, their $24″ wrench is $90, and their 10″ or 14″ wrenches are both $40 each. Buying 14″ and 24″ pipe wrenches would set you back $130, or $128 if you buy them as part of a bundle.

The Cheater wrench will save you money compared to buying 3 aluminum pipe wrenches, but its adaptability is the main selling point.

What’s your take on things?

Milwaukee Pipe Wrenches as of May 2021

At the time of this posting, here is a full list of Milwaukee’s pipe wrench sizes and styles:

Milwaukee Steel Pipe Wrenches

  • 6″: 48-22-7106
  • 8″: 48-22-7108
  • 10″: 48-22-7110
  • 12″: 48-22-7112
  • 14″: 48-22-7114
  • 18″:  48-22-7118
  • 24″: 48-22-7124
  • 36″: 48-22-7136
  • 48″:  48-22-7148
  • 60″: 48-22-7160

Milwaukee Aluminum Pipe Wrenches

  • 10″:  48-22-7210
  • 12″:  48-22-7212
  • 14″:  48-22-7214
  • 18″: 48-22-7218
  • 24″: 48-22-7224
  • 36″: 48-22-7236
  • 48″: 48-22-7248
  • 10″: Aluminum Pipe Wrench w/ POWERLENGTH Handle 48-22-7213

Milwaukee Offset & Smooth Jaw Pipe Wrenches

  • Steel Offset Hex Pipe Wrench: 48-22-7171
  • 12″ Smooth Jaw Pipe Wrench: 48-22-7186
  • 14″: Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench 48-22-7184
  • 18″: Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench 48-22-7185
  • 24″: Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench 48-22-7182

Cheater Pipe Wrenches

  • CHEATER Steel Adaptable Pipe Wrench 48-22-7314
  • CHEATER Aluminum Adaptable Pipe Wrench 48-22-7318 (NEW)

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