Ernst Bit Boss – a High Density Hex Bit Organizer

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Let’s say you have a whole bunch of 1/4″ hex screwdriver bits, holders, nutdrivers, and similar accessories. Where do you put them – loose in a tool drawer, bag or box, or maybe back into different brands’ assortment cases?

Maybe you have a Dewalt ToughCase parts organizer? Some other solution?

This Ernst Bit Boss is a high density organizer than can hold up to 90 of your 1/4″ hex screwdriving bits and accessories.

Ernst Screwdriver Bit Holder and Organizer

The Ernst Bit Boss organizer measures 14.9″ long x 3.6″ wide x 1.2″ tall. There are two color options – black and high-visibility yellow.

There are two types of storage options – 3 rows of holes for 72 vertical bit locations, and 6 clips for a total of 18 horizontal holders for use with longer accessories.

Ernst’s description says that you can easily remove or replace individual rails, although it’s unclear as to how useful this will be seeing as how there are only two rails. Although, this does suggest that if you buy two or more organizers you can swap rails around in case you want all vertical or horizontal storage configurations in a single holder.

Each rail looks to have 3 separate holders that could allow for further customization.

You can use this organizer in a drawer or on a benchtop, and Ernst also says it can be used on the go. It looks like the Bit Boss has small side handles, which would help with portability.

Ernst Screwdriver Bit Holder and Organizer Taper Lock

The vertical holes have a “taper lock” design, which Ernst says securely holds bits in place. I would think that tapered contact on the 1/4″ hex bits could potentially make accessory removal a little easier than if they were simply straight-walled holes.

However, Ernst says that the upright bit holes “pinch” the bottom of bits, and can provide a secure hold even when the Bit Boss is upside down. This seems to make the Bit Boss a whole lot more versatile than I had thought.

Ernst says that in addition to being placed on a variety of horizontal surfaces, the Bit Boss can also be hung vertically. This is probably where the Taper Lock feature really comes in handy.

The Bit Boss is made in the USA.

Price: $18 (black) $19 (hi-viz)

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Just to be clear, the accessories are all sold separately.

Is this something you would use? Can you recommend a different accessory organizer?

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