Home Made Cordless Drill Corn Cob Cutter

Consider this another entry into our “you used that to do what?” section. This week we saw an article about 80-year-old Wilber Sanger, who lives in Pennsylvania and is a retired carpenter. Last week he had an epiphany while using a manual corn cob cutter. Typically, it is a manual process for a non-commercial user to remove the kernels of corn from the cob. With Wilbur’s stroke of genius, the task just got simpler—about 500 RPMs simpler. How? By using a lag bolt to make a cordless drill corn cob cutter!

The Lag Bolt Solution

The carpenter (we don’t think there is such a thing as an ex-carpenter) cut the head off a 3/8 x 4-inch lag bolt and inserted it into the chuck of his favorite DeWalt cordless drill. He then adding a washer to protect the front of the tool and also give the corn something to rest against.

He then drilled the bolt into the corn cob.

At this point, he’s got a corn cob that’s ready to spin into a manual hand-held cutter. Wilber preferred the flexible variety that handles various corn cob sizes. It doesn’t matter what you use—the cordless drill corn cob cutter breaks new ground in DIY ingenuity!

Corn Cob Cutter Options

You have lots of options when choosing a manual corn cob cutter to work with your cordless drill. Look for some variation on the following models:

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