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Husky 62″ Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench

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When Husky asked if I wanted to review their 62″ mobile workbench as part of our paid partnership with Home Depot, I had some reservations.

The configuration looked very interesting, and I was very curious to see if it would meet my needs, as I tend to be very opinionated and demanding when it comes to tool storage solutions.

Would the adjustable height mechanism be useful? Would it be wobbly? What about the drawer lengths? Depths?

This 62″ tool cabinet has 14 drawers, mot of them shallow. How would this fit in with my various needs?

Before I could answer all that – how would delivery go? I typically dread tool cabinet and other freight deliveries given the potential for damage and lengthy frustrations that could follow.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Delivery

However, despite the wooden base being beat up a little by forklift operators (I don’t think a pallet jack could do this), the Husky tool cabinet arrived perfectly intact.

As for the drawer configurations, I really like it!

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Drawer Contents

Since I’ve been treating this as a loaner (I typically donate tool storage test samples), I have been experimenting with different layout configurations and have not yet settled on a long-term arrangement. (That’s why this drawer is empty.)

I am more a fan of narrow shallow drawers, but this cabinet is arranged in more of a 1:2 configuration. And… it works.

I have one drawer home to 4 different wrench sets – inch and metric combination and ratcheting combination wrenches, and there’s room for some other accessories in there. In the drawer shown here, I have room for a couple of socket sets, hand tools, long accessories, right angle clamps, and a bit organizer box, and with space for more.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Drawer Sizes

Here’s a look at all of the drawer dimensions. As you can see, there are a couple of 2″ drawers (3), a lot of 3″ drawers (9), a 10″ drawer, and a 6.8″ drawer.

Right now, I have the larger drawers filled with cordless power tools and some bulky dust collection accessories.

The DIY cabinets I took apart and moved to make space for this cabinet had 2″, 4″, and 6″ drawers. I’m looking to build a new cordless power tool battery cabinet, but aside from that everything moved into this cabinet with ease.

If you have a lot of bulky tools, you might want to look at one of Husky’s other tool cabinets, this one is really aimed towards hand tools and other shallower items. Keep in mind that most of the drawers are 2″ and 3″ deep.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Open Top Mechanism

As you tell from the top image and description, the cabinet has an adjustable height table top.

I actually made use of this feature a couple of times, when I needed to clamp something down the to the table top, and it worked out quite well.

I was worried it would be wobbly or somehow less sturdy than a solid-top workbench would be, and found my concerns to be unfounded.

You can raise the top, and in doing so also uncover a little more internal storage spaces, or leave it down, which is how I have it most days.

There’s a power strip with USB charging ports, and this isn’t something I typically make use of, but it can be convenient.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Casters

Husky equipped this cabinet with 5″ all-swivel casters (4 locking), and this makes moving the cabinet a cinch – or as easy as moving a 62″ x 24″ mobile workbench can be be. The all-swivel casters means I can push it into position without needing a lot of side clearance.

I have another tool cabinet to the right of this Husky, and stacks of wood to the left. If this had fixed wheels anywhere, even if just the middle, I would not have been able to move the cabinet in and out of its space. A cabinet like this won’t see a lot of traveling, but I’m happy with how it moves.

Lastly, one thing I’ve come to appreciate are the 120 lb full extension soft-close drawer slides. The deep bottom drawers have double slides for 240 lb weight capacity (each). I typically don’t like wider drawers because they can be a drag to open and close (literally), but I haven’t thought twice about that with this cabinet.

So far, my experiences have been quite positive. The only negative thought I had about this cabinet was when I moved everything over into this tool box and found myself wishing for a single 4″ drawer. However, that sentiment quickly passed when I saw how many hand tools and misc. workshop accessories I could cram into this thing.

I’m working on a mobile workbench with bulk storage, and that will likely handle my deeper storage needs, such as holding larger 15-cell cordless power tool batteries and accessories such as a router table coping sled.

Although my drawer configurations are still a bit in limbo, I could not be more pleased with this setup.

If it doesn’t work for you, Husky has quite a few other models, such as a 72″ mobile workbench with deep extra-wide top drawer.

Price: $1019

This is the matte black version, with 2,500 lb weight capacity and 19 gauge construction. If you prefer a different color or are on a tighter budget, you can get 21 gauge cabinets in several other color options for $849.

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Thank you Husky for supplying the test unit. The review sample was also provided as part of a paid partnership with Home Depot.

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