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The Viking Arm – a One-Handed Lifting Tool

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I’ve seen the Massca Products Viking Arm on social media a couple of times, and it looks to be a handy one-handed lifting tool – a jack for lifting cabinets and other such objects.

I have been using Winbag inflatable air shims, but that type of product has a limited lifting range. The Viking Arm looks to be useful for all the types of tasks an air shim might not have the lifting range for, and maybe even some tasks where inflatable shims can be clunky to use.

There’s a downside – the Viking Arm is priced at $200 each. They’re made in Norway.

Andrew wrote in:

Can you do a review on the Viking Arm? It is a hefty price and there are some cheap knockoffs, but I prefer to buy a solid tool that will perform well for a long time. I think this might be something a lot of installers and general handymen who work solo would find very useful. What do you think?

I was thinking about this for a Father’s Day gift since my Dad still does a lot of projects, but I am not nearby to help him as often. This might save him some strain.

There are definitely places where I could or would use this tool. I have improvised in the past, such as yesterday when I had to change out leveling feet and used a 2×4 to lift a cabinet just enough for me to do this.

The Viking Arm would have worked quicker and easier, almost like a compact jack.

Massca Products says that the Viking Arm is made in Norway, and that it has a 330 lb weight capacity. It has a lifting range of 6 to 215mm (~0.24″ to 8.46″).

The Viking Arm can be used to lift, press, tighten with precision and control.

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Here’s the big question – would there be interest in a review? The Viking Arm does look to be a good product, and it’s something I know I would use, although for my limited use the price might be hard to justify, especially since I might need two for the types of lifting tasks I have in mind.

Even just setting cabinets level, this would definitely help if the jack height can be set finely enough.

Andrew also pointed something out – there are already copies on Amazon.

Viking Arm Knockoffs on Amazon

There are quite a few knock-off designs, with some even using “Viking Arm” in their product names. Some of the product images on Amazon are simply taken from the Massca Product page as well.

I wouldn’t buy a copy, but it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Hopefully Massca has patent protections (they say it has patented technical solutions) and wins out against the clones. I’d hope for the Massca Viking Arm to be less expensive, but not like this.

Anyway – thoughts or requests about the Viking Arm?

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