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New Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vises

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Wilton has announced two new Multi-Purpose Bench Vises, in 4-1/2″ and 6-1/2″ jaw length sizes. The new models, 450P and 650P, will join an existing 5-1/2″ multi-purpose bench vise, model 550P.

The body and moveable jaws on the new Wilton vises are made from 30,000 PSI gray cast iron, and the bases are made from 60,000 PSI ductile iron.

Wilton points out that by comparison, most other multi-purpose bench vise bases are constructed with 30,000 gray cast iron. Wilton went with 60,000 PSI ductile iron bases to greatly reduce their susceptibility to cracking or breaking under heavy load.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vise 650P Reversed Jaws

The multi-purpose bench vises feature a 360° rotating head that can be indexed in 30° increments for quick setup. The vise can also swivel 360° about its base, which has lock-downs on both sides.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vise 650P Side

Each vise features horizontal pipe jaws and v-jaws to hold pipes and other stock vertically.

The vises are equipped with replaceable hardened steel serrated jaws. There’s also an anvil surface on top for striking, shaping, and forming tasks.

Key Specs

  • 4-1/2″ multi-purpose vise (450P, #28844)
    • 4″ jaw opening
    • 2-1/4″ throat depth
    • 1/4″ – 1-11/16″ pipe jaw capacity
    • Weighs 21.3 lbs
    • MSRP $160
    • Street Price: $139 (at the time of this posting)
  • 6-1/2″ multi-purpose vise (650P, #28845)
    • 6″ jaw opening
    • 3-1/4″ throat depth
    • 5/8″ – 3″ pipe jaw capacity
    • Weighs 58.4 lbs
    • MSRP $350
    • Street Price: $279 (at the time of this posting)

The 550P 5-1/2″ vise is $186 at the time of this posting, and it also quite a few reviews and a strong rating (4.7/5).

Wilton designed these vises to suit the needs of light tradesmen, utility workers, maintenance and repair professionals, and for general purpose users.

Buy 4-1/2″ Vise via Amazon
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I found the dual-strength construction to be an interesting feature. Here’s what Wilton says exactly:

These new vises feature 60,000 psi ductile iron bases. By comparison, most multi-purpose vise bases are constructed using 30,000 gray cast iron, which bears half the stress, making them more susceptible to cracking or breaking under load.

This seems to make sense. With the vise anchored to the base, and the base securely fastened to a workbench of other sturdy surface, there must be a lot of force concentrated down on that base. It sounds like this is a commonly observed failure. Instead of building these vises out of 60,000 ductile iron entirely, they presumably beefed up the vise where it needs it, to help maintain a lower price tag.

New Wilton Tradesman Vise 2019
Wilton Tradesman Vise (Updated in 2019)

If you want a Wilton vise entirely constructed from 60,000 ductile case iron, consider their also iconic bullet-style Tradesman and Mechanics vises.

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