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EWin Knight Gaming Chair Review

I have to admit to being a little bit envious when one of our other office staffers reviewed a new EWin Championship Series gaming chair to replace his standard mesh office chair. When the company asked us to review the Ewin Knight gaming chair, I saw my opportunity to try one out for myself. I liked the look of the chair, and the value proposition seemed solid at $199 (less with the discount code below). Since they didn’t have an orange-and-blue Gator chair, I split the difference and went with the Blue accent color.

Author’s Disclosure: E-WIN sent us this chair with explicit requests to provide links back to their site, but in no way exerted any control over what we actually wrote about their chair in this review.

EWin Knight Gaming Chair Features & Build Quality

Upon opening the box this chair shipped in, things got off to a good start. Instead of the typical plastic-laden office chair, I saw lots of high-quality components. Even the base—typically plastic—was made of metal. The wheels look premium, as does the stitching and attention to detail all around.

Knight gaming chair lumbar pillow

The seat of the EWin Knight gaming chair uses stain-resistant PVC leather that tends to last far longer than bonded leather. It resists fading in sunlight (not a huge issue in our LED-lit office). Would saddle leather be better? Sure. But their chair would also likely triple in price. I definitely like the feel and durability of this material over my cloth chair.

Under the cover (literally) E-WIN uses what they call a heavy high-density cold-cure foam. It’s not memory foam, but it works very similarly. You also get lots of adjustability in this chair. For example, the adjustable backrest actually lets you lay this chair down flat to stare up at the ceiling. I tried it once and, while it helped me contemplate the mysteries of the universe, it didn’t help much with productivity…

Adjusting the Ergonomic Gaming Chair Controls

In addition to the low-rider recline function, you also get ample height adjustment as well as the ability to control the front-to-back tilt of the chair and its level of springiness. The left bar lets you lock the chair in place once you find that perfect seat angle.

roller wheels

The hub-less casters match the accent color of the chair—in our case Blue. They use all-metal bearings and glided smoothly over our office tile floor.

EWin Knight Gaming Chair Assembly

Being the rebels we are, I started by attaching the casters to the chair base. That step should come later, but it just made sense to start there and get those out of the way. Assembly went very smoothly and everything came extremely well-packed. You start by assembling the back of the chair to the seat. Next, you cover the metal reclining brackets with decorative plastic covers. Everything uses high-quality Allen screws and tools are supplied. Finally, we attached the controls to the seat of the chair and placed the whole assembly atop the pneumatic piston.

How It Feels & Conclusion

Using gaming chairs has really started to make sense in our office. After all, EWin designs these chairs for hours of constant use. As a result, you get a durable, comfortable chair that has a significant amount of adjustability.

EWin Knight gaming chair

The two included pillows give you something for relieving neck strain and lumbar support. Both can be removed (which I did for a time to settle into a more traditional seat). The lumbar pillow also adjusts up and down as needed via the included straps.

Overall, I can say that the Ewin Knight gaming chair feels comfortable. The build quality seems solid, and I don’t miss my old office chair in the least. My only problem now has to do with the envious stares I get from my coworkers…

stitching design

If you find yourself in the market for either a gaming chair or something to replace an old office chair, check out the EWin Knight Series.

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