Pyramex RVZT44B Heavy-Duty Utility Vest

Pyramex Utility Vest Highlights Safety Day In and Day Out

All utility vests have been created equal, right? Not necessarily. Some are definitely better than others. Case in point: the Pyramex RVZT44B Heavy Utility Vest Series. These vests have the sort of functionality that covers all of your in-the-field safety needs. And, in addition to the assortment of helpful features, these lightweight and hi-vis utility vests have the build quality for use each and every day.

Design Features

Pyramex tells us that the design team “thought of just about everything” when crafting the Heavy-Duty Utility Vest. Based on our own first impressions of the features—we’re inclined to agree.

The back features a D-Ring pass-through slot that accommodates your fall protection harness. It has a reach-through pocket with zipper closure in the back for easy access/easy storage of construction plans, a clipboard, or a smart tablet.

In the front of the RVZT44B utility vest, Pyromex included an inner microfiber towel to effectively clean your eyewear. The utility vest includes 6 metal grommets, plenty of accessory loops, and a couple of mic tabs on the lapels. Each of the Pyromex utility vests includes 3 inner pockets and 5 outer pockets, including a clear pocket for an ID badge.

Pyromes makes the hi-zis RVZT44B vests from 120 gsm polyester mesh for super lightweight durability. They also feature 2″ silver reflective material and 1/2″ of contrasting trim next to each stripe.

Each Pyromex Utility Safety Vest meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R Class 2 standards. Each of the seams has been reinforced. A padded collar adds to the comfortability factor of the vest while a zippered front closure holds it all together.


The Pyromex RVZT44B Heavy-Duty Utility Vest comes in a variety of sizes that range from Small to a 5XL that we can only imagine is large enough to fit the Kool-Aid Man.

kool-aid man Pyramex RVZT44B XXXXXL vest
Oh yeah! (Only a representation…not an actual vest)

Each Pyromex RVZT44B vest retails for $37.50, and you can purchase them directly from the Pyramex website. You can also find these and similar products at online retailers like Amazon.

For more information about the Pyramex Heavy-Duty Utility Vest, including purchasing instructions, click here.

Pyramex Utility Vest Specs

  • Model: Pyramex RVZT44B
  • Vest Material: 100% 120 gsm polyester mesh
  • Reflective Tape Material: Generic silver
  • Bias Tape Material: Polyester
  • Closure: Front zipper
  • Reflective Striping: 2 horizontal, 2 vertical, both with contrasting trim
  • Pockets: 5 outside, 3 inside
  • Sizes: S-5XL
  • Price: $37.50

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