New Olight April 2021 LED Flashlight Sale

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Olight: Hey – we’re having another awesome LED flashlight “flash sale” soon – are you interested in reviewing any of the items?

Olight Flash Sale Details

The flash sale runs from 8pm ET 4/15/21 thru 11:59pm ET 4/16/21.

Me, thinking to myself: I’ve tried much of Olight’s new and existing LED flashlights already, some being purchased samples, others were sent by Olight. How should I respond? How can this one possibly be any different?

Olight: I’ve selected the M2R PRO and sent one your way if you’d like to review it.

Me, thinking to myself: Isn’t that one of the “tactical” models? I guess I’ll take a look.

The test sample arrived, and it stayed at the door for the better part of the day. But then, I checked the flash sale details and saw the M2R Pro is being released in a special limited edition “ocean camouflage” color scheme. I nearly tripped over my feet running to see if that’s the one they sent, and IT IS!

Every single time that I find myself thinking I’ve seen everything, Olight pulls out a new eye-catching design. Not only that, the nature of this promo is different. Add at least 2 items to your cart from the list of 9 eligible products, and you get a 30% discount.

Some of the DIY bundle items are discounted individually, others aren’t. The DIY bundle takes 30% off the regular price. For instance, with 2 or more items in my cart, the M2R Pro drops to $84, which is 30% off the $120 price. If you buy just the M2R Pro, it’s on sale for $96 by itself.

Olight M2R PRO Ocean Camo EDC LED Flashlight

The M2R PRO Ocean camo flashlight is gorgeous. And, it’s of course also a fantastic LED flashlight.

This is a 21700 Li-ion-based flashlight with 5000 mAh rechargeable battery, USB magnetic tailcap charger, side switch for brightness mode changes, tailcap momentary and secondary power switch, and it comes with a rather impressive sheath.

I’ll embed Olight’s M2R PRO video at the end of the post in case you want more details.

I love the brightness, the switches, charging method, and nearly everything about this flashlight. It’s also waterproof to IPX8 standards.

Olight Flashlight DIY Bundle Sale Banner 4-2021

For this month’s flash sale, Olight has a “build your own bundle” discount. Select 2 or more products and save 30%.

There are are several freebie tiers where you can get free flashlights if you spend over a certain amount. The flash sale info page has full details on this.

  • Spend $129+ get a FREE i1R 2 Kit
  • Spend $229+ get a FREE O’Pen 2
  • Spend $329+, get a FREE Perun 2 headlamp

Olight’s March 2021 flash sale saw the introduction of the Baton 3 Pro, an update to the S1R Baton II that ships with its own battery power bank-type charger.

Olight i5T EOS Stardust EDC LED Flashlight

A new i5T EOS LED flashlight has also caught my attention. While most of Olight’s LED flashlights feature rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the i5T is a 1x AA model.

The i5T included in this promo has a “stardust” color scheme.

Shop this Flash Sale

Free shipping on $49+.

Shipping is a flat $5 on orders under $49.

Deals end at 11:59pm ET 4/16/21 unless supplies sell out sooner.

The 30% DIY bundle discount on 2 or more products appears in your cart at checkout. 2 of the same item counts.

What Should You Buy?

The Baton 3.

I purchase a LOT of LED flashlights for testing, review, and personal use in the past year, and the Baton 3’s S1R Baton II predecessor has been my most-used LED flashlight over the past few months. It’s perfectly sized for EDC and pocket carry, it’s bright, and it’s versatile.

The Baton 3 premium is included in this promo. If you don’t want to pay extra for the built-in battery-based wireless charger, or don’t like the orange color, pass on this flash sale and see if it’ll be on sale by itself as part of next month’s flash sale.

The i5T EOS is also an excellent LED flashlight, and the AA battery compatibility makes it friendlier for users who aren’t ready to step up to a Li-ion light (which was true about me one year ago).

There are quite a few other flashlights included in this flash sale. The M2R PRO is an excellent choice, as is the Warrior X PRO, but they’re suited to very specific needs or tastes, whereas the Baton 3 and i5T are more “universal” recommendations for most users, especially those who aren’t sure which Olight they should look at first.

M2R Pro Video


I posted this question on Instagram via a story – follow @ToolGuyd here:

If you dropped the ocean camo flashlight, would you A) leave it and run, or B) find it instantly?

The pattern is bound to be polarizing. I feel that it’s mostly a decorative choice, but it also makes it easy to spot, although the same could probably be said about bright orange or blue flashlight bodies, and really anything without a dark anodized finish.

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