Hart 20V Cordless 315 CFM Blower Hands-On Preview

Hart 20V Blower Takes Straightforward Approach to Residential Lawn Cleanup

The Hart 20V Turbo Blower (HGBL021VNM) won’t try to distract you with fancy bells and whistles, or a super unique design, or herculean amounts of power. What it will do, we found, is give homeowners with small- to medium-sized yards a reliable and inexpensive option for applying the finishing touches to weekend yard work.


  • Adequate power for smaller residential applications
  • Inexpensive kit
  • Lightweight
  • Decent runtime for a residential blower running on a 20V platform


  • Will struggle with wet leaves; no metal scraper at the end of tube

Hart HGBL021VNM Provides Small Yard Blowing Power

We live in a world where a lot of OPE manufacturers are trying to blow you away with Pro-grade power and runtime. This results in heavier builds, colossal batteries, and eye-watering price tags. Hart seems to have come up with a model to appeal to those of us just trying to tidy up our small lawn without all the fuss.

The Hart 20V Turbo Blower features a brushed motor and an inline, axial fan design that provides 315 CFM air volume and 100 mph airspeeds to easily move the dry leaves and yard trimmings. Granted, these numbers aren’t going to be setting new benchmarks for what we can achieve with battery power, but these tools get a lot done—and for a much lower cost of entry for those looking for a great tool to clear off the driveway or patio.

Of course, it helps when your yard debris is dry, as this kind of power will likely falter as you get into wet yard trash. It lacks any sort of metal scraper at the end of the tube to help out with this, but this isn’t a feature we see on too many residential models, and we didn’t expect it here.

Runtime Testing

We had some concern that we weren’t going to see a whole lot of runtime out of the smaller 4.0Ah battery pack, but the Hart 20V Blower ran continuously for 12 minutes and 27 seconds before conking out. For small- and medium-sized lawns, this should do nicely. Plus, borrow an extra battery from your other Hart power tools and you double your runtime.

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