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Hart 20V 16-Inch Push Lawn Mower Review

Hart 20V 16-Inch Push Mower Offers Lightweight Maneuverability for Smaller Lawns

Hart has fully committed to a line of 20V OPE cordless tools designed specifically for small yards and tight spaces. We recently looked at the 20V 13″ mower, which definitely fits comfortably into its own niche. Adding just a bit more width to that formula, the Hart 20V 16-inch push lawn mower has homeowners with smaller lots in its sights.


  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Single-point cut height adjustment
  • Compact deck fits into tight spots
  • Inexpensive


  • Folding handles over for storage takes some effort
  • Not as powerful as higher-voltage options

Who Needs the Hart 20V 16-Inch Push Lawn Mower?

We don’t see a ton of battery-powered mowers intentionally covering the light-duty corner of the market, but the Hart 20V OPE line seems tailor-made for just this demographic. The tools in this line have lighter, more compact builds. Some pull double duty, like the 20V Trimmer/Edger. All of these lawn tools offer the performance and runtime suited to maintaining small lawns.

Such is the case with the Hart 20V 16-inch push lawn mower. At this width, the mower presents a solution that gets into smaller places. For instance, the compact cutting deck makes this mower great for getting in between, say, planter boxes and a fence line.

It’s also a nice option for lots that are naturally smaller, such as those around mobile homes, RVs, townhouses, and small city lots. Considering homes that have less storage space, Hart’s smaller overall size takes less up less room than a 21-inch mower requires.

Thanks to its lighter build (about 50 pounds), the Hart 20V 16-inch push lawn mower is maneuverable in ways that a larger mower isn’t. Turning doesn’t take a whole lot of muscle, and its wheels spin easily, reducing your effort pushing it around the yard.

Hart also claims that the 20V 16-inch push mower can run for up to 40-minutes with the 4.0Ah batteries that come in the kit.

Hart 20V Push Lawn Mower Key Features

This Hart mower features a single-point adjustment to select between 1 1/2-inch and 4-inch cutting heights. We prefer this system to adjusting each wheel individually, and it doesn’t hurt the long-term durability on this light of a design.

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