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Pro Tool Reviews Trademarks “Game-Changer”, Charges License Fees

FLORIDA – Citing a stroke of genius, Pro Tool Reviews filed a rush application for the trademark Game Changer® which was granted under interim approval today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

“We realized that, though every manufacturer we come across uses the term Game Changer, none of them had actually trademarked the expression,” said Pro Tool Reviews president, Clint DeBoer. “After receiving our interim approval today from the patent office, we plan to set up a system of licensing fees of the Game-Changer® trademark to all current power tool manufacturers for the use of Game-Changer in press releases, presentations, websites, marketing videos, and Zoom calls.

In an early response to this action, a diverse group of manufacturing representatives who opted not to pay the licensing fees have formed a think-tank to come up with alternative phrases in lieu of Game-Changer®. Options include: “really cool”, “super-advanced”, “badonkalicious”, and “way better than those other brands.”

In addition, Pro Tool Reviews has filed for an international Game-Changer® trademark with the European Union and Hong Kong.

Click here to read the full press release.

*Game-Changer® used by permission of Pro Tool Reviews. All rights reserved. No authorized use without permission.

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