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Milwaukee Announces M18 FUEL Hot Sauce

MILWAUKEE, WI – After years of requests, Milwaukee Tool teamed up with Frank’s to announce M18 FUEL Hot Sauce, an original RedHot cayenne pepper sauce. Frank’s is a pioneer in flavorful mass-market hot sauces, and the two companies released their Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Hot Sauce to much fanfare.

The two brands have “fueled” a game-changing® innovation designed to kick the professional taste buds into overdrive. “Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hot Sauce disrupts the industry by providing industry professionals, foodies, and even professional restauranteurs with a powerful new innovative flavor that we know will add just the right amount of heat to any dish,” said a representative for Milwaukee Tool.

“As soon as restaurant operators began putting bottles of hot sauce back on restaurant tables, we knew this was a great opportunity to combine our knbow0-how with one of the industry’s most popular brands…plus, we love their color,” said a spokesperson from Frank’s. “The collaboration between Milwaukee Tool and Frank’s RedHot combines technology and taste in a way that we hadn’t seen before.

“Ultimately, we hope both our customers and Milwaukee Tool users will enjoy this new sauce and come back for more!”

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