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How to Clean a Composite Deck

Building a composite deck is one thing. Knowing how to hide screws and such with a pro plug system gets you high marks on the man-card. Cleaning and caring for a composite deck, however, is key to having that deck look good years later. Fortunately, knowing how to clean a composite deck is comparatively simple. This is one of the aspects of ownership that appeals to many people. While wood decks require periodic stripping and refinishing, composite decks require a simple cleaning on a regular basis to ensure a long life.

It is important to perform the cleaning and maintenance regularly. You certainly want to clean it as soon as the deck gets dirty. Ensuring your composite deck remains free of debris and mold can help the durability and beauty of the deck. Composite lumber is the combination of wood products such as sawdust, wood flour, etc. with plastics. It creates a sort of “plastic wood.” The resulting product withstands the elements without the need for any additional coating. Composite lumber provides your deck with durability that has gained favor in decking with many companies offering composite deck options.

Keep Your Composite Deck Clean

The most basic care you can perform on composite lumber decking includes sweeping the deck clear of debris. You might also spray the deck with a hose for the same purpose. Take care, however, not to use powerful pressure washers. Pressure washing may actually harm your deck.

Because of the simplicity of sweeping, you may want to do this on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how much dirt accumulates on your deck. The next cleaning method is a bit more involved, but really no more difficult than mopping a floor. You’ll need a scrub brush and a household cleaner. Since it is outside, it’s recommended that you use something environmentally friendly and dispose of your cleaning solution properly.

For general maintenance cleaning, you may be able to use water alone or soap of some sort. Apply the solution to the deck and allow it to soak into any grime. Next, scrub the area with your brush and lastly rinse with clean water. You may want to clean a section at a time to ensure that the solution does not dry before you are able to scrub and rinse the entire deck.

How to Clean Stains Off a Composite Deck

This cleaning method works for Trex and most other brands of composite decks. If there is a difficult stain that can’t be cleaned with these standard methods you can attempt using a specialized cleaner.  Some examples of cleaners that you may use include degreasers, bleaches, and other specialized cleaners. You probably already have these in your house. These can often be mixed into a cleaning solution of water mixed with the cleaner (don’t mix cleaners). It is recommended that you use these sparingly and only on problem areas. After using these on the problem areas make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Prevention is the best policy. Immediate cleaning of debris and other things helps ensure that mold and stain do not take hold on your deck. Also, do not sand your composite deck. Most scratches will often blend back into the material after just a few weeks of normal use.

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