New Wiha “Terminator Blue” Screwdriver Bits at Lowe’s

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We recently posted about the new (and I use that term loosely) Bosch Driven screwdriver bits and sets that are coming to Lowe’s. Basically, it seems that Bosch slightly updated the bit design where the 1/4″ shaft transitions to the torsion zone, and they modified the lid styling of their cases. In other words, minor difference.

A couple of readers wrote in that they’ve spotted new Wiha Terminator screwdriver bits at Lowe’s as well.

I took a closer look, and there are bigger differences here than with the Bosch Driven screwdriver bits.

Shown here are typical Wiha Terminator screwdriver bits.

Wiha Terminator Screwdriver Bits at Lowes

And, here is an example of the new Wiha “Terminator Blue” screwdriver bits.

A search for Wiha Terminator Blue suggests that these impact-rated screwdriver bits are exclusive to Lowe’s.


The new Lowe’s-specific Terminator Blue screwdriver bits are significantly different compared to the standard Wiha Terminator screwdriver bits, which usually feature a red-sleeved torsion zone.

Wiha Terminator Screwdriver Power Bits at Lowes vs Regular Phillips Tips

The new Wiha Terminator Blue impact screwdriver bits at Lowe’s are different in power bit sizes and styles as well.

Ignore the branding, and these are completely different screwdriver bit designs. So while they’re branded Wiha Terminator, they’re not the same Wiha Terminator screwdriver bits sold elsewhere.

Lowe’s product pages for the blue Terminator bits say that the “energy absorbing torsion zone” delivers “30 times higher performance over standard bits.” I wonder how this compares to Bosch’s claims of “50X longer bit life.”

Lowe’s product descriptions say that these are designed by Wiha Germany and Manufactured in Germany, but I found an online user report that they’re made in Vietnam. I’ll update the post when I learn more.

These new Wiha Terminator Blue screwdriver bits appear to be priced considerably lower than Wiha’s typical Terminator bits. Given that their design is completely different, are these even made by Wiha?

There’s also an interesting contextual question. If Lowe’s is bringing Wiha screwdriver bits to their stores, which brand(s) are they replacing? Their fastening selection used to be dominated by Dewalt, Irwin, and Craftsman. Will these new specially designed and likely exclusively Wiha bits take the place of one of those brands?

There were no changes at my local Lowe’s store the last time I checked. Have you noticed any changes at yours?

What impact (no pun intended) do you think these new Wiha screwdriver bits will have with users or in the industry?

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