Bosch Driven Screwdriver Impact Bits are Coming to Lowe’s – Why Should You Care?

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Bosch has announced a new line of Driven screwdriver bits. These screwdriver bits are impact-rated and said to have precise tip geometry and have “50X life” compared to “standard bits.”

Bosch briefly talked about their new Driven screwdriver bits in their February virtual presentation video, but the focus was entirely on their customized case system. I rewatched the video replay and unless I missed it again, there wasn’t any information about the Bosch Driven bits themselves.

Bosch also has not provided any press materials – at least none that I’ve seen – about their Driven screwdriver bits.

While a neat innovation, Bosch’s custom cases came out nearly 4 years ago, and I’m not seeing anything new about them.

Let’s look deeper.

Bosch Driven Screwdriver Bits Logo

What’s new about the Bosch Driven screwdriver bit system, aside from the logo? They say their new impact-rated screwdriver bits have 50X life compared to standard bits. What does this mean? Do these new bits improve upon Bosch’s previous generation of impact screwdriver bits?

Bosch’s current (previous?) impact-rated screwdriver bits are said to have 10X longer bit life than standard impact bits.

So is Bosch claiming that the new screwdrivers bits have 50X longer bit life compared to standard bits or standard impact bits?

Did Bosch Tools update the bits’ designs in any way, or is this just a marketing update?

I have purchased Bosch impact bits in the past, although I tend to find Milwaukee and Dewalt impact-rated driving accessories to be more durable and longer lasting. I buy the Bosch bits on sale, for the cases, or when I need to spend an extra dollar or two to get free shipping.

In my opinion, Bosch impact-rated screwdriver bits are not bad, and can be a good value.

In their intro video, Bosch says the bits have a magnetized tip for better grip. Does this mean they can be magnetized, which is true for a great majority of screwdriver bits, or are they pre-magnetized, which doesn’t sound right.

OH – these will be available at Lowe’s. Ah – that explains everything. Or not.

Diablo vs Bosch Impact Screwdriver Bits

Is this because Diablo (a Bosch Tools brand) have taken over for Bosch power tool accessories at Home Depot?

Home Depot has Dewalt MaxFit, Milwaukee Shockwave, and Makita XPS, plus Ryobi screwdriver bits. Lowe’s has Dewalt ToughGrip – a line that Dewalt only sells at Lowe’s – and… that’s about all that comes to mind. Well, I guess now we can add Bosch Driven to the mix.

If you look at Amazon listings for those Diablo bits, which appear to be identical to the previous generation of Bosch impact bits, it says:

longer life (50x)

Okay, so the seemingly identical-to-Bosch Diablo screwdriver bits that came out last year were newly marketed as having 50X longer life.

Looking deeper, Diablo claims:

50X longer life versus standard drive bit

So that’s 50X longer life compared to “standard bits” whereas the older/current Bosch bits are advertised as lasting 10X longer than “standard impact bits.”

Hold on a second – here’s an image of one of the new Bosch Driven bit sets:

Bosch Custom Case System 44pc Impact Tough Starter Set

Oh, I’m sorry – this is the previous set.

Bosch Driven 44pc Screwdriver Bit Set

Here is the new Bosch Driven set.

Bosch’s bit cases had clear lids before, but as far as I am aware, these new ones have storage slots for the first time. I guess that’s new?

Bosch was sending out email blasts and promoting the Driven launch on social media and YouTube – and probably elsewhere as well – but has yet to send out any press materials describing the new product line. That’s unfortunate, but we can get to the bottom of this yet – I hope.

Here’s Bosch’s Driven YouTube video, which doesn’t tell us anything new.

Here’s what Bosch says in their email newsletter to customers:

The Bosch Driven range of screw driving bits delivers 50X life over the Bosch standard bit. The Driven bit has a torsion design built to last, with a new tapered design that absorbs torque peaks to reduce stress at the bit’s tip. Already a fan of the Bosch Custom case? Driven bits are Custom Case compatible so you can continue to use the best case for the best bits.

Aha! Driven bits are… custom case compatible? Aren’t all 1/4″ hex insert and power-bit style screwdriving accessories?


Bosch Driven Screwdriver Bits Taper Closeup

There’s a “new tapered design” and a closer look reveals that the new power bits do look different compared to the current/existing Bosch screwdriver bits.

It’s the torsion zone that absorbs the shock, and so a taller taper shouldn’t really do much, functionally. From what I can tell, this is likely mainly an aesthetics change.

My Bosch impact-rated screwdriver bits might wear out quicker than other brands’ bits, but I don’t remember breaking any, and especially not where the 1/4″ hex shaft meets the torsion zone.

I guess this would explain why Bosch is promoting their new Driven line via newsletter, social media, and YouTube. What would they actually say in a press release? Then again, it would have made this post a lot easier to write.

Back to the title.

Bosch Driven Screwdriver Bits are Coming to Lowe’s – Why Should You Care?

I hoped I’d get to the bottom of things and the question about why you should care would reveal itself.

After a lot of digging, here’s what turned up:

  • Bosch specifically advertises that Driven is coming to Lowe’s
  • “Magnetic tips”
  • Lengthened transition (taper) between 1/4″ hex and torsion zone
  • Cases now have clear lids with storage slots

The current non-Driven Bosch 44pc bit set is $18 via Amazon, model SDMS44. The Bosch Driven 44pc bit set is $25 via Lowe’s, model SDMSD44.

With the Bosch Driven bit set costing 39% MORE at Lowe’s than the existing product at Amazon, are the Driven screwdriver bits actually better in any way with respect to fitment or wear resistance?!

Looking at other stores, Amazon has the 44pc bit set for $18, but others have it for a range of prices up to $25.

Walmart is selling the Bosch 44 bit set for $20.76 (sold & shipped by Walmart). Compared to Lowe’s $25 price for the Driven set, that’s still a slightly more than 20% price difference.

I’m starting to guess why Bosch skipped news/media organizations and is instead advertising the Driven accessory line direct to end users.

If you guys discover any functional differences, please let us know!

Bosch Driven Screwdriver Bits Logo

Side note, I will give Bosch credit for the Driven name and logo. This is a lot better than Misfit and Freak.

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