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Festool Needs a Cordless Dust Extractor Vacuum

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This is the Festool CT Sys mobile dust extractor vacuum. It has since been updated with a different hose – this is a test sample from when it first launched.

I briefly reviewed this vacuum a couple of years ago, and my feelings about it have evolved a bit since then.

When the Festool CT Sys vac came out, they didn’t have Bluetooth activation yet. I used the dust extractor with some corded power tools, and appreciated the automatic activation.

But, my usage habits have changed, and I mainly use this dust vac with cordless tools these days. I have other corded and cordless vacuums, and I really like this Festool for installation tasks, thanks to its long hose.

Not only does it have longer reach than most cordless vacuums, it’s still extremely portable. The hose tucks into the docking area neatly, and I place the wrapped cord on top.

In theory I should be able to place another Festool Systainer on top of the CT Sys, but I can never get everything nice and neat to do that. That’s okay – I’m sure I can get things to fit if I wanted to, but I generally don’t have a need to. I keep the vac separate for easy retrieval.

I have been finding myself wishing there to be a cordless version of the Festool CT Sys vac. Then again, what would the runtime be like? Would I miss the automatic activation, or would they allow for the installation of a Bluetooth activation module if it wasn’t built-in by default?

Do you know what would be even better than a cordless CT Sys vac? One with hybrid power options, so it could be used corded or cordless, although that might be a bit ambitious to ask for.

I have other cordless vacs when I need cordless convenience, and use the CT Sys for specific tasks. I bet that I’d use it a lot more with power tools if it were cordless. This is one area where I have trouble with other brands’ cordless vacs – few of them pair nicely with the dust ports found on most power tools such as miter saws.

Most cordless vacs are designed to clean up a mess, rather than capture dust as it’s created. I suppose I tend to use this one more for dust creation than for cleanup, but the included nozzles also make for quick cleaning of drywall or sawdust that I missed during whatever cutting or drilling task I brought the vacuum out for.

Would you be interested in a cordless dust extractor vac from Festool? Should other brands get on the ball with this type of tool?

The CT Syst is currently priced at $400.

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