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ToolGuyd Misc Tool Talk and Social Media Summary (3/24/2021)

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I hope everyone has been doing well!

Things are busy here with lots of things going on, and so it seemed fitting for another misc. tool talk post and social media update.

I haven’t been posting as much to social media as during the start of the year or late last year, but there will be a lot of opportunities in coming weeks as I kick off new reviews and projects.

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ToolGuyd Newsletter

ToolGuyd is also on TikTok, but I haven’t posted anything there yet. What could/should I post there? I figure I’ll take some videos of sawdust or chip generation during some of my spring projects and see how that goes. Who doesn’t like watching tools in action?

New Tool Guides

In case you missed them, here are some new tool guides. I’ve got more to come – please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!

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