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Dickies Spring 2021 – Work Clothes with Personality

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Dickies recently sent over some press materials for post consideration, about their Spring 2021 campaign called United by Dickies.

United by Dickies features 12 Makers who showcase the brand’s newly released workwear and work-inspired clothing.

Dickies says:

The campaign embodies the human aspect of what it takes to be a Maker today – the emotions, challenges, successes, values, passions – and the shared stories that unite the Dickies community.

To be frank, this seemed interesting, but was it interesting enough for a dedicated story? I clicked on to learn more.

(Note: My wife thinks parts of the post sound sponsored, but it’s not. This is just me finding interest in a topic I don’t typically find very exciting, and there’s really no way to naturally tone things differently.)

Shown above is a work short with “vintage cowboy-inspired print.” And yes, there are matching pants. This doesn’t just break the mold as to what work clothes can look like, it shatters it. Goodbye preconceptions.

While this particular printed work shirt pattern doesn’t quite align with my personal tastes, I find it refreshing that it’s an option.

One thing I’ve learned is that people can have very different needs when it comes to work clothes. While larger companies might require that workers wear branded uniforms, and individuals who work with customers and clients directly might still prefer subdued aesthetics, there are a lot of fabricators, woodworkers, and other workers who have a bit of freedom in their work clothing choices.

And no, not everything is as bold as the cowboy-inspired cactus print fabric.

Dickies Spring 2021 Short Sleeve Work Shirt

Here’s a new FLEX short sleeve short that’s also new and part of Dickies’ Spring 2021 collection.

Meet the Makers

Following are some of the other new Dickies work clothes options, from their Meet the Makers page.

With their United by Inspiration messaging, Dickies says they are focusing on the human aspects of what it takes to be a Maker today – the emotions, challenges, successes, values, passions – the shared stories that unite the Dickies community.

I’d assume that the Makers modeling the new Dickies work clothes collection chose their pieces deliberately, to suit their personal preferences and needs, as opposed to simply showing off clothes selected for them.

Dickies Meet the Makers Spring 2021 Part 1

Dickies Meet the Makers Spring 2021 Part 2

Dickies Meet the Makers Spring 2021 Part 3

Dickies Meet the Makers Spring 2021 Part 4

Dickies Meet the Makers Spring 2021 Part 5

The Color Code

The different Makers’ captions are color-coded.

The grey color represents the Flex and Duratech collections. Dickies’ Flex work clothes are said to increase mobility while still featuring tough construction, and the Duratech bottoms are designed to be 2X stronger than typical work shorts and pants, featuring Flex, duck, and ripstop constriction.

The brown color represents the Temp-IQ and Authentic Utility collections. Temp-IQ features dual action technology that Dickies says is designed to “maintain your ultimate comfort by actively cooling you down while wicking away moisture.”

The Authentic Utility collection features women’s workwear that is designed for women by women. These work clothes are designed with the same level of durability as Dickies’ men’s workwear.

This part of matching durability is important. I was talking to a female contractor a few years ago at a media event, and she mentioned having to switch over to men’s jeans and work clothes because women’s-specific clothes kept falling apart on her.

The golden color denotes the Spring collection, with “new colors and fits.” These items essentially offer new colors and designs “without sacrificing function.”


Some of Dickies’ new collections of work clothes still scream out “hey, these are work clothes,” and that’s okay. Some of the other pieces are… different than I would have expected from the brand, and that’s okay too.

As I mentioned in the title, this screams to me “work clothes with personality.”

I’ll usually intermix work pants with casual pants, but I can’t say the same about work shirts. But, I think I’d actually wear some of the items in Dickies’ new collections, such as the olive green ripstop short sleeve shirt.

Dickies Spring 2021 Short Sleeve Work Shirt Olive Green

Here’s that Flex olive green shirt again. Yes, I know that it’s basically Dickies’ popular short sleeve work shirt but with a different fabric, but for some reason this appeals to me a bit more.

Dickies Short Sleeve Work Shirt in Blue

Here’s Dickies’ regular short sleeve work shirt. Does the Flex ripstop shirt look a bit more casual to you too, or is it just me?

I debated whether or not to post about the new workwear collections and the United campaign, but it seemed interesting once I took a closer look. The clothes are new, and so is the marketing approach.

The new offerings work against a lot of general impressions I’ve formed about Dickies over the years. I’ve worn some of their pants before, and they were comfortable but nondescript. I might have worn Dickies shirts, but if I did nothing stood out to leave me with a lasting impression.

I’m surprised that a company that I associate with bland functional-first designs would have so many designs I’d readily add to my shopping cart. (If anyone at Dickies is reading this, I’m sorry, but it’s true. Thumbs up on finding a way to shift the direction of my thinking.)

Do any of the new Dickies work clothes catch your attention?

Do you have any review requests?

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