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Makita 36V Pole Saws | XAU01 and XAU02

Makita Pole Saws Offer Faster Cutting Speeds for Pros

Makita has had a pole saw in the 36V OPE lineup for a while now, but it has been an attachment option for the Makita Couple Shaft system prior to now. The XAU01 and XAU02 Makita 36V Pole Saws operate on the 18V X2 platform to offer Pros quick cutting speeds without the nuisances that come with 2-cycle engines.

What’s the Big Deal?

Makita claims that both of these Pole Saws actually run at 20% faster cutting speeds than a comparable 31.4cc gas engine pole saw. For thicker branches, both saws also feature a Torque boost mode. That gives you an extra shot of power when you need it.

Makita XAU01 and XAU02 36V Pole Saws

As far as runtime goes, with two 5.Ah batteries, you can expect up to 140 cuts in 4×4 cedar.

Makita 36V X2 battery-powered pole saw

Makita offers these pole saws in two configurations. The XUA01 includes a fixed 8-foot shaft while the XUA02 pole saw extends from 9- to 14-feet to access harder-to-reach branches.

Both of the saws feature a branch hook to pull out trimmed branches from trees. They both have lateral chain tensioning with a single stud for efficient chain retention, a captured bar nut, soft front grips, and a translucent oil tank to see your oil levels easily. Extreme Protection Technology also provides protective seals to channel dust and water away from key internal components.


The Makita XAU01 pole saw retails for $400 as a bare tool and $550 as a kit. The adjustable-length Makita XAU02 pole saw sells for $500 as a bare tool and $630 as a kit. Makita warranties these tools for 3 years.

Makita 36V Pole Saws Specs

Model XAU01 XAU02
Voltage 36V (2 x 18V) 36V (2 x 18V)
Bar Length 10″ 10″
Pitch 3/8″ LP 3/8″ LP
Gauge .050″ .050″
Chain Speed (FPM) 0-3,940 0-3,940
Shaft Style Fixed Extension
Overall Length 8′ 9′-13′
Weight 14.5 lbs. 18.1 lbs.
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Price (bare/kit) $400/550 $500/630

To see the entire Makita line of cordless and gas-powered OPE, visit them by clicking here.

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